This Saturday in Dayton: Two Events, Twice the Fun!

This Saturday, Dayton has not one, but two excellent events to check out! DayCon Game Day Running from 9AM to 10PM, come check out a day filled with tabletop gaming of all sorts! Board games, roleplaying games, The show is held in the Rona Banquet Hall, located at 1043 Rona Parkway, Fairborn, Ohio 45324. For a full schedule of games, click here. Studio Akumakaze’s Independent Creators Expo and Film Festival I.C.E. is both a showcase of local creators and a film festival showing local films! With events running all day long, there’s no shortage of things to do and see. The … Read more

Build Your Board Game Collection For a Dollar a Day! Pt 2

Hi, folks! I hope your holidays were filled with good times and lots of games. But I’m not writing this to small talk about family gatherings, so let’s just jump right into another edition of how to Build Your Board Game Collection For a Dollar a Day! If you’re just joining us, make sure you check out the first installment of the series here. This time around I’m gonna talk about cooperative games. On the off-chance you can’t figure it out from the descriptor “cooperative,” these are games where everyone wins together or everyone loses. What about the tension from … Read more

Cursed Uno: An Essay on Heartbreak

Every regular gaming group probably has a game like this. This isn’t the game you pull out for new players, established players’ visiting significant others, or children. This is the nitty-gritty, friendship-demolishing, table-flipping, night-ending monstrosity. Here’s ours. To preface, my game night group is already a mess. It’s a ragtag group of broke late-teens/early-20s barely-cognizant piles of stress and medical issues. For some reason, we all get together about once a week to play a couple terrible, awful games. Betrayal at House on the Hill, The Resistance, Jenga, Coup, just all the most soul-numbing possible games for people who already suffer … Read more

Integrity Matters to Us: Theft is Not Cool This Year or Next


Sup nerds: An apology of sorts- Recently we had to remove an article from our site, the Facebook and our Twitter. I won’t go into the details, suffice it to say we had something submitted to us by a guest author that we posted. Recently, we had the actual original creator send us an email calling out the theft. He was real mad. Shit. I’m not justifying the stealing. Here’s the issue: Writing is tough. Writing on a consistent basis is tough. Having people other than me write, write consistently, and write good things that other people want to read… is … Read more

Roll Out to D20: A Bar With Characters Tonight!

If you’ve somehow missed all the news about the new board game/craft beer bar opening up in Kettering, I’m impressed. Not the good kind of impressed, though. You should really get out more, this place is awesome. I got a sneak peek a couple weeks back, and I can safely report that Andrew Sparks and Chrissy Cooper, owners of D20 and co-conspirators in the art of “turning (their) hobbies tax-deductible”, definitely know their stuff. I was hopelessly outclassed by Andrew’s knowledge of craft beer, coming from his wealth of experience in both drinking and selling it. With 20 taps serving 18 beers … Read more

Christmas Movies For The Rest Of Us

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been force-fed the standard “Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer”, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” etc. Well, maybe not ever since I can remember, as I recall watching “The Nightmare on Elm Street” and “The Toxic Avenger” as a six year old. Ever since I can remember my parents realizing the choices they make with regard to what my impressionable brain was exposed to, I had to endure the mundane, albeit well produced, crap the masses said was appropriate for the yule tide. While I still have nostalgia for the stop-action Abominable Snow Man (mostly … Read more

Doug’s reading girly comics!!

I’m probably not supposed to have an opinion on girly comics, but let’s go! Doug reads girl comics I picked up Hawkeye this past week. No more Cliff, we’re in Kate-town now. Katherine “Kate” Bishop, a relatively new character in the Marvel Universe, she was released in 2005. She takes over the Hawkeye mantel now and again. One issue down and I’m already hooked. I went back to my LCS and told them to add Hawkeye to my pull list. “Add that girl Hawkeye book to my list.” I realized something then, I read a fair amount of comics with female … Read more

How to break collecting habits!

Well I have no idea if I’m the best choice to write this one, about habits, but here we go- How to reduce or end your collecting habit. There are a number of reasons you might need to cut back or completely stop a collecting habit- -Spending too much money -Spending too much time -Getting out of hand -Running out of space -Lost desire in the habit -Lack of focus on important things There are probably others, I’m just naming the things people have told me that I do. Breaking the collecting habit can be tough for many of us. … Read more

Build Your Board Game Collection For a Dollar a Day! Part 1

So, you want to play boardgames but don’t want to spend a lot of money. It can pretty easily be done with a little creativity and time. The first, most important tip: Don’t buy games. To expand on that “Don’t”, I don’t mean “Don’t” entirely of course. I’m saying play before you buy. Find a boardgame group and play their games before you buy any. You’ll have a better idea what kinds of games really work for you. If you find a group that you start attending regularly, you won’t waste money duplicating games that are already common in the … Read more

Justify Your Kickstarter: Jim Tramontana, Martians vs Unicorns

We’ve talked to Jim Tramontana before. It was a while back, when we bumped into him at Gem City Comic Con. Back then, he was promoting his comic book Vikings vs Unicorns #1, a gorgeous and disturbing trip into a universe where the unicorns are the bad guys. Now he’s trying to get us to crowdfund his latest effort, the even more disturbing Martians vs Unicorns, a bit of backstory into the Unicorns universe. Jim has other notable projects, too. His band, Red Hot Rebellion, successfully Kickstarted their graphic novel/cd combo, The Mission, a couple years back. He is also hard at work designing … Read more

Build Your Board Game Collection For a Dollar a Day!

A board game collection for a dollar a day!? That’s right. Hello, fellow gamers! I’m a new contributor here, and a long-time gamer of various sorts. Like many folks, there’s not much money in my budget for entertainment, but I’ve been working on expanding my modest tabletop gaming collection recently. I’ve been playing games for a long time. I grew up with an Atari 2600 and NES in the house. In middle school, I got into Magic and tabletop RPGs. I’ve worked in two different comic and game stores, which helped me branch out into more obscure card and board … Read more

NES Classic- A Classic case of reseller scamming

Remember that time I wasted a good chunk of a Friday? You see, I spent that time driving around to various stores. Why? Oh, well… First- Dear NES Classic “collectors” who bought out the stores en masse. Fuck You. Sorry. Not collectors. Shitbag resellers who should die in some sort of terrible way I have nothing to do with. You know who you all are. For those who don’t know, Friday was the release of the NES Classic. A small gimmicky console that has 30 original NES games on it. It released and became virtually unattainable due to low stock in … Read more

Psychobilly and Horror Rock: Two Local Dayton Bands to Love

Hello, maniacs!  It’s been a while.  Your intrepid Ms. Voodoo has been celebrating all things Halloween and generally running amok for the last month or so.  Now that it’s all over, I must admit that I’m a bit blue.  I’ve been looking for something creepy to lift my spirits and I’ve found it in the Dayton music scene.  We are so lucky that we have some home-grown horror bands here in Dayton.  Two of them have shows coming up this month that are just the ticket to soothe that post-Halloween depression. Have you heard of The Transylvania Hellhounds?  If you … Read more

Switch: Ninten-dooooo that to me one more time.

Nintendo Switch No Nintendo, you stay the same, I’ll change. I rag on Nintendo a lot here. It’s not that I hate Nintendo, quite the opposite. See, it’s like this. Anyone have that friend who’s essentially a nice person, but… goddammit, what a mess, yeah? They just have the shittiest luck, the worst ideas, sparks of brilliance that are immediately dashed when they over-do it. You know the type? For me, let’s name him, Calvin. (He probably doesn’t read my stuff anyhow.) I was once a passenger in a car accident with Calvin. True stories. The sun created a glare on … Read more

Until Dawn: A 2spooky Game Review

Until Dawn

Cuz it’s Halloween. Until Dawn for PS4. A survival horror game. Finally. It’s spooky, and perfectly themed for the season. Made by Supermassive Games, who are mostly known for a whole lot of Little Big Planet DLC, a remake of Killzone I put as much effort into as I did any other Killzone (own them all, finished none, just like everyone), and a Dr. Who game. Ok…. first of all. No one asked for a Dr. Who game. I’M NOT A FAN OF DOCTOR WHO, JUST WARNING YOU NOW. IT CONFUSES ME. Here’s my issue with Dr. Who. You ever stumbled … Read more

Collecting: I might need these pizza boxes later!!

Collecting! Trent Reznor, on the topic of collecting, once said “I pick things up, I am a collector. And things, well things, they tend to accumulate.” Trent Reznor also looks like if Alan Rickman and Dylan McDermott had a child. Ain’t even mad about that. 20 years to grow into a face like that, fine. Most of the internet thinks the song is about depression and dwelling on the past. Not me pal, I think he’s just very adamant about his collection, whatever it might be. A misprint Beanie Baby collection that got out of hand, Jem & Rio Pacheco … Read more

Justify Your Kickstarter: AEGIS: Combining Robots

  AEGIS: Combining Robot Strategy Game by Zephyr Workshop is seeking funding on Kickstarter to the tune of $40,000. It’s based around a Voltron-esque team building premise where the ultimate goal is to put all 5 pieces of your robot together in order to kick supreme ass. I had the pleasure of meeting the lead designer Breeze Grigas this past Gen Con where I heard the full spiel about the game, at the end of which I was given the increasingly common “and we’ll be launching our Kickstarter later this year!” statement and promo card. Said Kickstarter launched this month, and I got … Read more

Spit Take: Borrowed Time, What Animators Do On Their Days Off

Welcome, faithful readers, to our first Spit Take. After a while, we get tired of hearing ourselves blather on about things. So, we want to hear what you think. We’ll give you a little insight into the subject, then it’s up to you, yes YOU…no, not you…you…in the back, to tell us your take on it. It’s pretty much what the internet was designed to do; allow people to blow hard about things of which they know little. Shall we? What do creatives do during their time off from work? They create! That’s exactly what Pixar animators Andrew Coats and Lou … Read more

Your Geek(Week) In Review!

Behold! It is I, the GeekDayton Overlord! I am all and none! I am finite and infinite! I am light and dark! I control all that is and ever will be! I make a mean guacamole! My minions have news that is of great import, so listen! Oh, and if you want my guacamole recipe, just hit me up here.  Doug here! Below are my top 10 favorite JRPGs from 1985 to 2008! Jokes. I won’t submit you to those horrors. Not today at least. Geek In Review! Where we bring you events from the past week and a heads-up … Read more

Everyday Carry: Things That Make You Better

Your everyday carry (EDC) is all the things that you will (generally) have on your person if you leave the comfort of your home. Knives, multitools, watches, flashlights, flash drives, pens, and whatever else makes your daily life easier? That’s your EDC. exists to document hundreds of peoples’ EDCs and how to buy the items contained in them. It’s a fantastic way to spend your time drooling over the contents of other people’s pockets. My personal favorite contains not just the standard “phone, wallet, knife, watch”, but also ChapStick, sunglasses, and a pink Dunkin Donuts donut with sprinkles. There are EDCs that … Read more

Indie titles: Give a hoot, read a comic!

Greetings friends! Did you know GeekDayton has an Instagram page? We do! It’s chock full of pictures and…. pictures. Click the follow button and come with us into a world of photography we force-feed into your smart devices! But we’d been asked recently “Hello GeekDayton, who is buying all of those comics you post on your IG and what’s wrong with that person?” (I had to omit most of the swearing.) Why it’s none other than me! I’m very sorry. But now for those few who have noticed I have a tendency to pick up first issues of a lot of … Read more


Gilmore Girls Netflix coffee shop takeover at Ghostlight

Early this morning, mostly still asleep as I slinked into the bathroom, it occurred to me that waiting in line for god knows how long for a free cup of coffee with a bunch of crazed groupies might not be the best use of my time. Alas, fear of missing out, the great motivator, spurred me onward. I headed out to Ghostlight Coffee, one of more than 200 coffee shops across the country who, in partnering with Netflix to promote the Gilmore Girls revival A Year in the Life (coming November 25, 2016), gussied themselves up with Luke’s Diner swag … Read more

Un-Con Ohio X: This Weekend in Piqua

There’s a unique event going on this Friday and Saturday in Piqua. A small little convention, different from others, that started with a few friends and has grown into something else entirely. That event is Un-Con X. The whole thing started years ago as a concept imagined by a man named Joe Manning. Manning called it “The Camp Dover Peace Conference.” “He was retired military. He was retired from working, but he believed in a convention that was somewhat similar in structure to the dinner of Star Trek 6—the bringing together of the Federation and the Klingons—and so he envisioned … Read more

Dayton Halloween Happenings: Be There and be Scared

Dayton Halloween Things to Do

Hello, maniacs! It’s here!  It’s here!  It’s here!  I can hardly contain my joy over the fact that Halloween approacheth.  There’s so much going on in the area this month.  It’s almost as though the rest of the world has finally joined the great big Halloween party that is my life.  About time…geez.  In fact, there’s so much to do that you might be a bit overwhelmed with choices.  To make your selection a bit simpler, I’ve compiled a list of all of the spooky haps about town.  I’ve included links for more info.  Just click the red words! ** … Read more

GD PodShort- Let’s Play: Cold Steel Wardens!

GD Podshort- a PodLong version! We sit down with Andy, the creator of Cold Steel Wardens: Roleplaying In The Iron Age Of Comics. He runs the GeekDayton crew through a custom-made campaign of Cold Steel Wardens. The Cast- Larry: Silence- A dark brooding stealth-based girl Josher: CamShaft- A Cybernetic scientist with a robot arm Doug- Caidera- A South American street-tough turned goodguy! Andy: Andy The GM! A note about the system- The game only uses D10s for rolls. As for the info at the end, this was recorded a while back. Who knew that Cold Steel Wardens: Rogues Gallery would fund their Kickstarter? WE … Read more

Interview With A Sasquatch Hunter, Part 3

bigfoot sasquatch

(This is the third post in our interview series with a Bigfoot hunter who wishes to remain anonymous. If you didn’t read the first two in the series, click here.) GD: What is your opinion of Sasquatch’s intelligence level and their instinctive behavior when it comes to themselves as either individuals or a society? Do you have an opinion on how they are so successfully reclusive? Mr. X: Well they are probably one of the most intelligent lifeforms on earth, besides humans. They know the woods as well as Native Americans before European settlers and share their skill level. They (Native … Read more

How To Make Friends and Influence Nerds! BGN Edition!

MERRY BOARD GAME NIGHT EVE, YA’LL. It’s like Christmas!!!… If you just sit around and play board games and drink. So… like Christmas. Now I’m not going to bore you all with a re-hash of the last Board Game Night How-To. (which is available to read here, here, and here.) Oh no no. Today I come to you with a different How-To. Specifically focusing on points 3 and 4 of the Board Game Night How–To. (Real sorry about that.) Talking to people and making friends! If you already have friends, well good. We’re all very impressed with you. You must … Read more

Board Game Night Raffle Prizes

GeekDayton Presents Board Game Night at Proto BuildBar

Holy crap! Do we have some amazing prizes for you this time around! Big thanks to all of the generous bands, comic creators, game designers, and shops that so graciously donated these items to help us help ExtraLife of Dayton. Rules: Must be present to win. You may win more than one prize pack. We’ll also be doing “runner-up” drawings for band t-shirts, winner’s choice of size, while supplies last. Winners of prize packs may win runner-up shirt drawings in future drawings, but may not win runner-up of a drawing that they won the prize pack for. If there’s a … Read more

Justify Your Kickstarter: Day 165, A Supernatural War Comic

Day 165: A Supernatural War Comic

Day 165 is a new comic seeking funding on Kickstarter. If you only took a cursory glance at its cover, which features two army men discharging firearms, you’d think it was just a war comic. But Day 165 is more than that. Drawing inspiration from the great old supernatural anthology shows that were once a mainstay of prime time TV programming, Day 165 takes readers on a sci-fi romp. We talked to co-creator of Day 165, Springfield, Ohio native Tony Wright, to find out why anyone should want to part with their precious dollars to back his comic. Why on earth should anyone care … Read more

Rob Zombie’s 31: A Ms. Voodoo Review

Rob Zombie's 31

Hi there, maniacs.  It’s Ms. Voodoo again, this time with a review of Rob Zombie’s latest flick, 31.  I must preface the review by making a small admission:  I am absolutely smitten with Rob Zombie.  I can’t help it.  He just slays me.  In fact, I have often referred to him as my future ex-husband, much to the chagrin of my current beau, um Beau.  I’m sure he and Sherri will understand when they see us together.  We’ll be too gruesomely adorable to hate for long and too gruesomely gruesome to attempt to split up.  It’s gonna be a thing. … Read more

Couples who game together… are sexier.

Gaming with your significant other! The 2014 US Census claims that 50% of all Americans are “single.” Lies. If that was true, I wouldn’t be having such a hard time on Of course this also doesn’t take into consideration all of the people who are dating, common law marriage, living in SIN, engaged, living with two ladies, or that awkward time where ya’ll broke up, but ya’ll still living together because shit’s weird, ya’ll know. It gets better tho. Realistically, there’s probably someone out there that you could consider an S/O. (I mean… if there isn’t, come to Board Game … Read more

Klask Review

Klask game

(This review originally ran at KLASK (Oy Marektoy) I have to say, I’m not a major fan of games that require me to overcome my deficit of physical prowess in order to win. Often, my own hand-eye coordination takes on an adversarial quality when I attempt to harness it as a tool toward victory. If I were a D&D character, my dex modifier would be like -2. However, I am able to see past my deficiencies when it comes to the game Klask. Klask is basically like air hockey or foosball in that it is played on a table … Read more

Interview with a Sasquatch Hunter, part 2

bigfoot sasquatch

(This is the second post in our interview series with a Bigfoot hunter who wishes to remain anonymous. If you didn’t read the first in the series, click here.) GD: Are you familiar with the B.F.R.O. or Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization? Mr. X: Yeah (chuckles). GD: Is this something you actively participate in and read? Mr. X: No. At first, I thought it was something cool. I have used some of their maps; however, I hear that they have a lot more sightings that they just don’t put on there. A lot of the people I listen to think that … Read more

Fighting Game Tournament this Weekend in Cincinnati

There are certainly much worse ways to spend a weekend than making new friends for a few days of competition in an arcade setting. A 3-day contest of fighting game prowess is sure to test the hand-eye coordination of even the most worthy and formidable gamer. This weekend, Robin Palm plans to give you just that. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, where he organized the Civil War fighting game tournament series, Robin has taken his event and moved it Westward. Taking place at Arcade Legacy in the Cincinnati Mall, Civil War: Manifest Destiny will be a fight to the finish. “The … Read more

Shaky Cam: I feel like I’m… *barf*

Shakycam (also known as Queasicam, Hand-held cam, or free cam) is considered to be a cinematographic technique. A technique? Seriously? Let me explain. So I’ve all but completely stopped watching movies made in… oh… the last decade or so? Why you ask? Well, hang on. In movies, tv, and live action, pretty much anything that has film or tape involved, you can have a cinematographer (also known as a director of photography). What do cinematographers do? The cinematographer selects the camera, film stock, lens, filters, etc., to realize the scene in accordance with the intentions of the director. Relations between the cinematographer and director vary; … Read more

A Parent’s Geek Guide To: Power Rangers

With this past week marking the 23rd anniversary of one of my favorite TV shows of all time, I felt it was only fitting that my post talks to parents about the show that I loved as a child, Power Rangers. This show has been going at it for 23 years. Although it has changed over the years, the core show remains the same. This is one of the many reasons that I love it just as much today as I did as a child. Before I start into my usual Q&A, I want to give a little history of … Read more

Girls in Boxes

I noticed something the other day while watching a movie, and now I can’t seem to stop noticing it: girls in boxes. Yep. So many movies have girls in boxes! Glass boxes, specifically, though I started noticing all kinds. Now the same thing could start happening to you. It might start when you are innocently exploring the career paths of the cast from Dawson’s Creek and happen upon a movie you haven’t seen in decades… …then you start remembering it in other films you’ve watched. (To be fair, Kim Cattrall may have requested this setup. Andrew McCarthy was not known … Read more

Mom I NEED quarters: An Arcade afterlight

All of my systems in No Man’s Sky are named after every video arcade from my youth. Not ‘hey, I’m going to name this one after a video arcade, and this one after my first pet, and this one after my favorite Taco Bell item from my youth.’ I’m saying every system. Named after every arcade. At least the ones I went to. So flying through my galaxies, you’ll see such systems as Spare Change, Cap’n Bogey’s Golf’n Games, and The Area-51 Machine outside of the Xenia Wal-Mart. As for the planets? Those are all named after video arcade cabinets … Read more

In Support of Modern Horror: Updates for the Tired Top 10

It’s that time of year again, maniacs.  You know what I mean.  The world turns orange, the pumpkin spice starts to flow, and seemingly every entertainment website publishes its Horror Top 10 list for the best scary movies of all time.  These lists are supposed to guide the seasonal horror viewer to the must-see, can’t-miss, gotta-watch-with-the-lights-out films that have become the staples of October viewing.  But do they?  I can’t help but feel that these lists have become a bit…well…predictable.  They usually refer to the same old horror chestnuts every year without much variation from site to site.  Those of … Read more

Interview With A Sasquatch Hunter, part 1

bigfoot sasquatch

(Note: This post is part of a series of posts interviewing a sasquatch hunter. Each week, GeekDayton will post another piece of the interview.) Not everything in the world has been explained. Not every animal has been discovered. The ancient city of Troy was found after thousands of years of being classified as legend. Mountain Gorillas, Okapi, Giant Panda, Giant Squid; all of these creatures had remained a mystery up until the 20th century. 15,000 species are being discovered annually with scientists estimating that there are about 8.7 million species on the planet (currently we know of about 1.3 million). … Read more

Con Competence: Anime Conventions

Anime convention

Writer’s Note: I’m pretty heavily entrenched in “non-biased” territory writing about most Ohio anime conventions. Being an executive-level staffer at Kabochacon has blessed me with the friendship of head staff at many events I’ll be mentioning below. I’ve been going to some of these events literally a decade longer than I ever became a con staffer though, so it’s not like I don’t have plenty experience as an attendee too. A conversation with some people this past weekend at Matsuricon led me to re-remember that Dayton has definitely lucked out in terms of location when it comes to cons. Not … Read more

Rax and the greatest of expectations

Rax and the quest for a reclaimed childhood There had been rumors, legends mostly, of a still existing and operating Rax Roast Beef in Ohio. (I’d known of and visited the one in Circleville. While the name and appearance are correct, it pales in comparison to what my memories displayed.) Could it be true? A real life Rax that had somehow completely been missed by the ravages of time and Southern Ohio? Sure, there are a few down south, and tales of them elsewhere, but those simply didn’t capture the true essence of my childhood Rax. You see, Xenia had a Rax. … Read more

Spotlight: Blackfall Press’ Cold Steel Wardens: Rogue’s Gallery

Cold Steel Wardens: Rogue's Gallery

Did you know that right here, in the Miami Valley, we have a real, live role-playing game designer? That’s right, kids! His name is Andy Klosky, and he’s the brains behind Blackfall Press. His game, Cold Steel Wardens, is more fun than a turkey baster of grain alcohol! Klosky, who grew up in Western Pennsylvania, has been playing games since he was in the 6th grade. Like many game designers born in the ’80s, he made his first games by tinkering with the cardboard terrain and plastic miniatures from his Heroquest set.  When he grew up, he moved to Ohio … Read more

GD PodShort- Andy’s Vampire: Masquerade Story

GD PODSHORT ROUND 2. Andy of Cold Steel Wardens: Roleplaying in the Iron Age of Comics, sits down with the GeekDayton team to present his awesome RPG, and talk about his currently-in-Kickstarter expansion to Cold Steel Wardens. Kickstarter for Rogues Gallery here! We’re backing it, are you?? Look for the interview to be published soon! In the meantime, below is a snippet from the interview where Andy tells us a story about his foray into Vampire: The Masquerade LARP.

Geek Book Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany, and Jack Thorn   A WARNING FOR IDIOTS: Cursed Child is technically the eighth book in the Harry Potter series.  This review assumes you’ve gotten around to reading the others in the full decade since the last one came out.  If you haven’t, you can always tell the clerk at Barnes&Noble you’re buying them for your kid.  Spoilers ahoy! Reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child feels like someone somewhere scoured the internet for its tens of thousands of Potter fanfictions, isolated the three dozen or so good … Read more

A Parent’s Geek Guide To Nerf

Fuckin' Nerf. For geek parents and kids.

Hello everyone. It is time for another question-and-answer with your favorite Geek Dad. I’m back to help you understand something your kids love, but you just can’t seem to wrap your head around. Hopefully, this will help you connect with your child. This week, we are gonna talk about a kids’ toy that seems to be gaining a lot of popularity these last few years, Nerf. So, what is Nerf? While the term Nerf can refer to a lot of things, this guide is going to be referring to Nerf as in Nerf the company. Nerf is a company (part of … Read more

Whimsi-cool. A more wholesome style of media

I love whimsy. Whimsical stuff. But not like cutesy whimsy. More like fantasy whimsy, but like teen fantasy. No…. not like that though. Think like…. Treasure Planet meets Monster House meets National Treasure meets Haunted Mansion meets Harry Potter meets The Woods. Mash that all together. I love that. That sort of cartoony, kid-esque, fantasy realm? yeah? No?   That. Love that nonsense. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the current comics and video games, what with their action and excitement and the such. But there’s a part of me that just enjoys the simpler stories. Simple in the … Read more

Spotlight: Geektronic Gaming Cafe

Geektronic Gaming Cafe

When Lindsey Kessel told me her favorite video game of all time, I have to say I was a little surprised. “A Boy and His Blob,” the 31-year-old aspiring entrepreneur says. “I love it. I also love Bubble Bobble.” The mother of three had rattled off two unexpected entries from the video game treasury. Describing herself as a lifelong gamer, Kessel says she got her first NES at the age of 7. “My grandma actually is a gamer,” Kessel tells me. “She has been gaming since I can remember. I used to get in fights with her because I’d be like, ‘Can … Read more

A Parent’s Guide to What My Kids Love: Pokémon

Attention Parents! With the recent release of Pokémon Go, I’m sure a lot of you are asking yourself a lot of questions. You are in luck, because I just so happen to be a parent, lover of nerdy culture, and a Pokémon player! I am here to introduce you into the world of Pokémon, and hopefully answer a lot of the questions that you have. Now before we begin, I know what a lot of you younger parents are thinking. Yes, this is the same Pokémon that you remember as a child. Both the game and the cartoon are still … Read more

GD PodShort- Comic Delays

DC 52 Rebirth

We’re trying something new with the GD Podshort. Recorded a few months ago. Comic delays hurt people on all levels, it’s a serious issue. Let us know what you think about PodShorts! The pants or the audio clips. Follow us on SoundCloud, and wherever you get your podcasts.  

Ghost Hunting in Tombstone, Arizona

Graveyard in Tombstone, Arizona

My friend Bacon texted me and told me she had to take a trip to California. On her way back, she wanted to stop off here in Arizona and hangout. We have a somewhat lax competition to see who can go to more paranormal places and then brag about it to the other person. It started on her birthday one year when we went to Bobby Mackey’s Music World in Kentucky and took the basement tour. She was scared the whole time but I was a rock, completely dependable. It’s not like a loud bang happened and I threw her … Read more

Review: Suicide Squad

If it isn’t obvious, yes, this will contain spoilers. About an hour before I saw it, I tweeted “About to see Suicide Squad. If BvS was anything to take a pattern from, I’m sure I’ll love this long-form trailer for the Harley Quinn movie.” And at the time, I thought I was joking. But no, as I expected/feared/hoped, Harley Quinn was the best part of the movie by a long shot. Don’t get me wrong, the rest of the cast has its moments, but as a whole, it’s… messy. And you’d think that was what they were going for with their whole … Read more

Books, covers, and you judging them

Don’t judge a book by its cover. What it means: You shouldn’t base an opinion on something just because of how it looks. NO NO NO. I’m not making this a race thing. You get right out. Right now. I’m making this a comics/video games/movie/board games thing. So yeah. You should absolutely judge a book (book meaning video game, board game, movie or comic…book) by it’s cover unless noted, suggested, or influenced to do otherwise. Here’s why. Advertisement of said product is a necessity in this day and age. They (the world) suggests that the average comic book reader spends … Read more

Con Competence: Gen Con

Gen Con

As of this writing, I leave for Gen Con in 9 8 less than 7 hours (That time flew by. Shit). In that time, I have to pack everything I need for a 5 day trip, finish this article, pick up a replacement state ID, and maybe eat a meal or sleep or something. This year will be my 13th Gen Con. I started in 2004, and I’ve been every year since. You’d think having been going so long, I’d know not to procrastinate like this, but I am not a clever man. So, in an effort to teach others to … Read more

Ten Reasons to love the ’80s fantasy epic Willow

Willow Fairies

Willow, George Lucas and Ron Howard’s 1988 film, is the unsung fantasy/action epic of the ‘80s. While it may not be regarded as a masterpiece of cinematography or have won any awards, and it might be fundamentally flawed among similar films in that it does not star any Muppets, Willow will always have a very special piece of this writer’s heart. Let’s explore the many reasons why. 1. Willow is a total underdog. Though he is loved by his cute kids and wife, and he is well regarded by his bestie, Meegosh, everyone one else thinks Willow is kind of … Read more

Review: The Killing Joke

Walking out of the Monday night screening of Batman: The Killing Joke, my friend described to me that he felt “like a shaken soda can left to decarbonate overnight instead of just exploding.” He’s not wrong. I saw the movie with a good test audience. Two people, one of which was me, had read the titular comic before. Two other people hadn’t, but had a semi-general idea of what the storyline would be. And for once, DC Comics has pulled off the impossible: equalizing people who had or hadn’t read the source material. We all walked out of that movie expecting more, even those … Read more

The Nintendo Horror Story: Dun Goofed

and it was at that moment, the players realized….. that Nintendo….. WASN’T EVEN MAKING THE GAME! AAAAAAHHHH!!! Nintendo. Come on. You had it all going for you!! Amazing mobile game (ssssshhhh, no one knew it wasn’t yours) A super mysterious and unknown future system! No stupid tiny system. Oysters, more specifically the world became your bivalve mollusc. Months later. What like… two? Months? Ya Blew it. Now you have: Barely a mention of having any involvement in Pokemon Go. So, on the PG wiki, Nintendo is listed a number of times. But it basically says the concept of the game was … Read more

Photography: Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO…Oh My!

When I first started out in photography, the hardest thing for me to do was take my camera out of ‘auto’ mode. I had this nice, new, shiny DSLR. I thought I was hot stuff. I had a camera that needed a neck strap. A neck strap that said ‘Nikon’ in big, bold, yellow Nikon font that I made sure was facing out at all times so people knew I was using a nice camera. The problem was that shooting photos in ‘auto’ meant that every picture looked the same as you’d get from a decent point-and-shoot camera. To solve … Read more

Spidey Comic, Bringing Back a Classic!

I love the recent run of Spider-Man titled Spidey. I also loved the short run of Learning to Crawl  that came out with the refresh of Amazing Spider-Man #1. I simply adore the older Spider-Man cartoons, the good ones. You know the ones. Ok, maybe that wasn’t an entirely accurate representation of the cartoon, but actually somewhat close. In my mind, Spider-Man wasn’t supposed to be taken so seriously. Doc Ock and Peter Parker swapping brains because Doc Ock is dying and all that nonsense? That’s heavy. Spidey ain’t supposed to be so heavy. It features a reformed Otto Octavius who has taken … Read more

Photography: Getting Started

Countless articles have been written on where to begin if you’re just starting out in photography. So, you may be asking, “Hey, asshole, why should I read your article?” That’s a fair question to which I answer that I have no sponsors to whom I’m beholden, nor am I trying to sell you anything….except perhaps my soul if you can grant me life eternal. Without further ado, here are some absolute musts as a neophyte photographer. WARNING!! Obligatory insult to intelligence ahead! 1. The first thing you’ll need is a camera. I know. No effing duh! What kind of camera? Most … Read more

Review: Ghostbusters: Answer the Call

  I was introduced to the original Ghostbusters sometime around 2005 with the release of the Double Feature DVD set. I was 7. Seeing it in a theater wasn’t something I experienced until earlier this year, nor did I experience the pop culture phenomenon of “He slimed me!” after the movie first came out. However, it was one of my first “favorite movies”, and it is one of two franchises that I recently purchased the large 30th Anniversary hardcover book of, which covers the series, cartoon, video game, and comics in great detail. It seems like everyone I know has a lot … Read more

To a younger geek from an older geek: It gets better.

by Jenner Lumpkin I have difficulty trusting those who lament the passing of their twenties. Perhaps they’re simply romanticizing a decade’s worth of flawless skin, hopeful first dates, and unbridled freedom. But I can’t be the only one who spent my twenties suffering steadfast blemishes, curious singledom, and a pestering awareness that the bottle of Two Buck Chuck that I had put on my credit card would eventually end up costing me $152 after years of only managing to make the minimum payments every month. I needed direction. I needed money. I needed a nap. When would this vague but … Read more


I lowered the difficulty on a game, and have never been happier. There’s a mindset amongst gamers (ok maybe just ones I know) where you didn’t actually play the game until you’ve beaten it on HARD. And even some who say you didn’t get the full experience without completing 100% of the objectives and achievements. Listen Linda, years ago my dad convinced me to eat that little sprig of parsley they served with steaks in fancy restaurants. He said I wasn’t completely done with my meal until I ate that. I learned two things back then. 1. My dad convinced me … Read more

Your Favorite Comic Characters are Going to Change, but That’s Okay.

comic books

The only thing that stays constant in comics is that Aquaman will eat fish at a restaurant and some asshole will ask him if it’s okay if he does that. Aside from that, your favorite character may become a woman or become a Muslim or maybe even a Hispanic boy, but it’s okay because in the end it’s just comics and I’m sure in another few months it’ll all go back to the way it was. You shouldn’t care about what sex or race your favorite character is as long as they’re being written well. Jason Aaron turned Jane Foster … Read more

Firewatch: Take a walk on the Wyoming side


I recently had the pleasure of playing Campo Santo’s Firewatch—a dialogue-weighted “hiking simulator” based in the 1989 Wyoming wilderness. This game is an experience both visually and emotionally. The voice acting in Firewatch is captivating, and the visuals whimsical. I’ve rarely come across a game that has torn me through a heart-wrenching plot within the first 5-10 minutes, let alone by using only interactive text on-screen. It does not cease to be an emotional rollercoaster throughout its several hours of gameplay. It’ll make you laugh out loud, it’ll make your eyes well up, and it’ll make you consider moving out … Read more

Damn Dirty Apes

Though the franchise was launched a decade and a half before I was born, I have long had an affinity for the Planet of the Apes movies. Having first viewed them in high school, the movies instantly resonated with me. There’s just something about them. The social commentary expressed therein has been criticized as forced, and the delivery at times comes off as more than a little campy, but I view these characteristics as benefits rather than detriments. Based on Pierre Boulle’s 1963 novel of the same name, the original film Planet of the Apes tackled such delicate topics as race, social … Read more

YOU’RE NOT MY REAL DAD: When to adopt a new console

by Tim Engle There are lots of things you can adopt early: pets, children, and an air of sophistication all come readily to mind. There are, however, risks to adopting things; your pet might turn out to be a reincarnation of Ceausescu, your child may later come out as vegetarian, and your air of sophistication could easily be proven a sham when those pictures of you doing a solo keg stand at your best friend’s little sister’s birthday party surface. (I said I was sorry. I really thought you guys would think it was a fun goof.)   The most … Read more

Old gamers! Like normal gamers, but older!

Remember how I was regaling everyone with stories about my smaller, younger, balder, bearded-er self? Back then? Well it got me thinking. Years ago, my Aunt had a computer in her basement. (I mean who didn’t in the early 90s), and it had Myst on it (what computer didn’t have Myst on it), and I played that Myst (what me in the early ’90s wouldn’t). Jeepers, old school point-and-clicks had a good life. Anyhoos… my Aunt still has that computer and still has Myst on it. But she’s older now. She never got a newer computer, and never really kept up with … Read more

Prop Auctions: Buy the Cane from Citizen Kane!

There’s a popular image going around the Facebooks/Reddits/Twitters/probably other inferior image sharing websites. It goes something to the tune of this: “If you could have only one…” and then lists a bunch of cool items everyone would want like lightsabers and One Rings and the like. First off, obviously the answer is a Lantern Ring of your respective color, since that can pretty much make anything else you might want. Second of all, what if I told you that, for the measly price of all of the money you have, you could actually have cool things from movies you like? … Read more

Dayton Makes: Carillon Park Hosting Maker Faire

What is a “maker?” Why the hell do they need a “faire?” Both very good questions. Unlike what Debbie Chachra of The Atlantic supposes in her article “Why I Am Not a Maker,” the term “maker” and the movement behind it are not the Ayn Rand-esque self-fellatio of Silicon Valley coders. This may be why she’s only written one article for The Atlantic. James Fellows wrote “Why the Maker Movement Matters“ for the same site about a year later. James Fellows continues to write a shit ton for The Atlantic. Just sayin.’ At their core, makers are people who use existing technology to … Read more

There’s Too Much Bull$#!t on the Wall

Soo much bullshit on the wall of the local comic shop

There’s too much bullshit to wade through as a new comic reader, and it can be really frustrating. I can’t count how many times I’ve had to convince myself that six dollars for one issue was a reasonable price only to have it be a disappointment (looking at you, Civil War II). I don’t need 47 different Avengers books or 16 different incarnations of Captain America and I feel like too much choice can be a pain in the ass when you’re first getting into picking up comics. I’m pretty new to all of this. I read the beginning of … Read more

Man Angrily Shakes Fist at Video Game Collectors

This one’s gonna get real nerdy, heads up. Guy posted on Reddit that he had purchased custom longbox covers for his Lunar games for the Sega CD. “Check me out, I own every Lunar game made, still sealed.” This guy. Fuck that guy. Right in his fuck. Here’s my issue. It’s specifically with older expensive games. I really enjoy the Lunar series. I own exactly 1 of the games. Lunar: Silver Star Harmony. It’s terrific. I love the music, the art, the story, every last bit of it. It’s a remake of the 3rd in the series. OH HOW I WOULD LOVE … Read more

19 Star Trek Starships You May Or May Not Have Known Are Canon

Star Trek is a special franchise with a special design scheme. It’s Saucer/nacelle “variation on a theme” is a cost effective approach to varying class types and building upon a proven design. It’s crazy to try and enumerate all of the Starships in the show, but plenty try to do so with a number of well put together websites highlighting any ship they can find and include. Usually these are broken into a few categories such as Federation ships, Klingon ships, Romulan ships, other alien ships, civilian ships, etc, and most of these ships have ample screen time to cement … Read more

How To: Board Game Night at Proto Buildbar! 2017

Board Game Night at Proto Buildbar. Coming up soon. It got me thinking. You’re about to read something that I’ll never say again in my entire life. (Probably). Get the family all together in the room while you read this. Shut the tv off. Board games are better than video games in one way. But seriously, though. One way. I was asked to watch a “How To Play” video of a board game. It was like 30 minutes long. Early in the video, the guy mentioned how I had to also watch the core game “How To Play” video. It … Read more

How to Hunt VHS with Ryan Gelatin

In ‘How to Hunt VHS’, special VHS correspondent, Ryan Gelatin, risks life and limb to give us a never before seen look into the life of a VHS hunter. From Luddites to hillbilly racists, no peril is dangerous enough to keep Ryan from getting the story.

Tiny Epic Interview: Michael Coe, founder of Gamelyn Games

Michael Coe, founder of Gamelyn Games

Hardcore gamers might be surprised to find that CEO Michael Coe, founder of Gamelyn Games, is not one of their ilk. “I don’t come from a hobbyist background, really,” he says from his home in Gilbert, Arizona, where he spoke with us by phone. “I did play board games when I was a kid, but it was very standard stuff like Monopoly and Sorry!” Coe eventually did graduate from those standards to something more exciting. “When I was in fourth grade my dad got a copy of Heroquest, and that resonated with me quite a bit when I was a kid.” But … Read more

Thrift Shop: Buy other people’s trash!

Popping tags. It means to switch a more expensive price tag for a cheaper one, traditionally a technique used in retail stores by shoplifters. But at a thrift shop? What’s wrong with you? What exactly was Ben “Macklemore” Haggerty and Michael “Wanz” Wansley doing using this tried and true lifting scam at a thrift store, especially when they immediately admit to having $20 in their pockets? $20 would get you far at one of the Gem City thrift shops. Not the upscale ones, though. Maybe that’s it. Maybe Macklemore was at one of them. Those that border somewhere between trash … Read more

Spotlight: Zagar Games’ BetaBotz

For the last two years, Zagar Games, comprised of Gargitt Au, Zack Connaughton, and Carl Huang, have been creating and testing their game, BetaBotz. The game, which adds bidding and negotiation elements to a basic card drafting mechanic similar to that found in Munchkin, is currently being Kickstarted as of the time of this writing. BetaBotz works like this: in the first round, players bid in-game currency, known as bitz, on the robot they like the best or think will be most effective at completing missions. Each robot has four stats: Agility, Firepower, Structure, and Processor. Different missions require different levels … Read more

GeekDayton Podcast: Tim Withem, Medieval Interactions Gaming

Tim Withem Medieval Interactions Gaming

  In this episode of the podcast, Josher, along with GeekDayton writers Griffin and Doug, sit down with Tim Withem of Dayton-based game company Medieval Interactions Gaming. They discuss Medieval Interaction’s freshman offering, Mastermind’s Workshop, and the accompanying Kickstarter campaign. Tim talks about game development, the playtesting process, as well as future projects we can expect from MI Gaming. You can learn more about Mastermind’s Workshop and other games by visiting MI Gaming’s Facebook page here. If you like what you see, or if your heart isn’t made of stone and you like to see Dayton local start-ups succeed, back … Read more

Game delays, death threats, and neckbeards, OH MY.

Random question. Now who here has had a death-threat tossed at them at some point? Just me? Huh…. ok then. SO! There’s this upcoming video game that’s supposed to be the absolute cat’s pajamas. No Man’s Sky. It’s this space exploration simulation game for the PlayStation 4 that’s supposed to have randomized planets, lots of exploration, a whole galaxy to explore, randomly generated creatures to explore, and resources to explore for. It’s essentially a game about exploration. Beyond that and a few video trailers/game play footage, that’s about all we know. No Man’s Sky is made by a super super … Read more

5 Reasons Why Your Collectibles Aren’t Worth S#!*

I was in a local comic book shop, looking for Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars issue #8 in my ongoing quest to obtain the comics I had as a youth. You know, the one where Spider-Man comes in from a recent battle, costume in tatters, and Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic) just happens to have found a piece of alien tech that you can think into, and it will create what you thought of. Thus, the black spidey suit (and subsequently Venom) is born. I know. It’s a brilliant plot device. That’s how I remember it anyway. The shop didn’t … Read more

Will The Sexiest Spider-Man Please Stand Up

I love Spider-Man. Some would say too much. Spidey holds a very dear place in my heart as Spider-Man comics (as well as feminine hygiene products) were how I learned to read. In the vast domain known as comic books, I don’t think there has been a hero or villain with more costume changes than ol’ Spidey himself. I’m not trying to choose a favorite here, but I had this conversation within myself recently and we all just started arguing: Me: Oh, the classic red and blue is so fetching. I have no idea why they ever changed it in … Read more

Review: TMNT: Out of the Shadows

If you’d come to me a few years ago and said, “Hey, remember that Michael Bay TMNT movie that came out and did terribly because the filmmakers fundamentally misunderstood that no one wants their childhood grittily rebooted? Well, in 2016, it’s going to get a sequel that you’re going to really like,” I’d have stopped you halfway through because I’d basically blocked out that whole movie. Pretty much all I remember is some kind of rooftop brawl with Shredder, and also the end was an explosion. That’s it. The new movie, out in theaters now, is a real surprise because it’s … Read more


Don’t lie. You knew immediately what I was talking about. And that quote isn’t even accurate. But you still knew. Hulksters, brother, hulksters. Wrestling! Squared circle! Sports entertainment! High-risk, high impact, high flying action! Whether you’ve smelled what The Rock is cooking, or ever found yourself stylin’ and profilin,’  you can at least recognize a handful of wrestling sayings and gimmicks. And you watch, you know you do. Whether you actively seek out wrestling, or it happens to be on while you’re channel-surfing, you know you stop for just a moment longer than other channels. Nothing to be ashamed about, … Read more

Marvelous Times

Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 by Marvel written by Nick Spencer penciled by Jesus Saiz

Peter Bell of Bell, Book and Comic talks Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, X-Men: Apocalypse  and the Marvel Universe. Who would have thought seven days ago that the two words that would cause the most conflict and conversation in the comic shop would be “HAIL HYDRA!” Talk has been all about Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, which was released last week. The buzz hitting the interwebs has been appallingly negative toward the storyline unfolding, with Cap apparently turning to the “Dark Side.” The instant negativity is despite the fact that we haven’t seen more than one issue, and do not know the … Read more

To Wright-Patterson Air Force Base UFO: Come back!

UFO floating over Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton

Figures. Captured on video, floating in the sky above the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base last Saturday, is what most are calling a spaceship. Many years ago, I used to drive by there every day on my way to work. And every day I would look to the sky, thinking aliens have been here before, in this very spot. Then I would fantasize about seeing a ship up in the gray skies. It would fly low and hover around the base, where it could probably use it’s onboard sensors to read that one of their crashed ships was being hidden. Then … Read more

____ on ____ is the best video game ever.

“I disagree. It’s a very good game, but I think Donkey Kong is the best game ever.” In case of confusion. The kid knew his stuff, though. MK on Genesis was regularly ranked higher than MK on any other system. And it was voted most controversial game in 1993. Somehow “Return to Zork” got passed up for that award that year. So, With the recent release of Uncharted 4, tagged with the accolades of “the greatest game ever made,” it’s time we sat down next to the fire, crowded into a Siamese Slanket, cozied up with a warm beefy crunch, … Read more

Arkwright Board Game Giveaway

Arkwright Giveaway

Sorry, folks. The Arkwright board game giveaway has ended. Here’s a photo of hot cosplay Mystique as a consolation. Don’t be blue though. We’ll be giving away more free stuff in the future. You can learn more about the game and how to order here. Keep visiting GeekDayton so you don’t miss the next contest! Thanks for stopping by.

Justify Your Kickstarter: Gamer Badges

Gamer Badges, by JBM Press, are iron-on achievement badges (i.e. embroidered patches) meant to show off your prowess as a game player to all who you may encounter. One can earn such badges as “Board Gamer,” “Con Veteran,” and “Shuffler,” for their accomplishments, and if one so desires, may display all of their Gamer Badges on a stylish sash created for that sole purpose. I talked to Phil Lacefield of the Washington-based JBM Press about Gamer Badges. Though the project has now been fully backed, with 9 days remaining as of this writing, JBM Press is hoping to fulfill some … Read more

Batman vs. Superman vs. D.C. vs. Marvel vs. Captain America vs. Iron Man, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Movies

So, I’m thinking about changing my name to Sam Malone here at the shop. I feel like the Cheers character lately, standing at my counter while my movie-watching customer base tells me all about their likes, dislikes, loves, hates, thrills, and disappointments on the latest DC and MARVEL blockbusters. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about this! Just feel the need to throw my own two cents in the ring and tell what I think. First off, Batman Vs. Superman was NOT that bad! Personally, I did not care for Lex and his Joker/Riddlerness, but that’s just me. … Read more

5 most totally real paranormal videos ever caught on tape

1.Shape-Shifting News Anchor Unbeknownst to most of the populace, there are human-like hybrids walking around, eating human flesh (just a guess) when no one is looking, and in some cases, they are hosting a news show on Fox News. What are they doing here? Have they always been here? Maybe formerly living in sewers and creek beds at the bottom of ravines until network news shows were created, and now they can blend in unquestioned. In this video, our camera operator (who we’ll call Chaw Packin’) has discovered a slip in the female anchors human cover.  For a split second, … Read more

Cartridge-based games don’t blow.

Pffffffffffft. *cough* Pfffffftttttffffhhhhhhhh. *squeak* *thunk* *press* wait.. wait… OH COME ON. Remember these days? Well fuck em. Cartridge-based games are dead. Except a few mutations. Can you name the last system/game to use a cartridge format? Surprise! It’s SNK’s Neo Geo, with their last game being Samurai Shodown V Special. I don’t blame you if you didn’t know that, hell I wasn’t even aware until recently. It was released in 2004. What the hell. That’s like yesterday. You’ll notice I avoided mentioning the PSP, DS, and Vita. See here’s the problem. The PSP, Vita and DS are all a form of … Read more

Gallery: Stebbins CON and Game Night at Proto BuildBar

These images were originally posted as a companion slideshow to our podcast covering Stebbins CON and Game Night at Proto BuildBar. Slideshows suck for viewing images, and if we had put a clickable gallery up as a companion piece, it would have stopped the podcast you were listening to. You can find the podcast here. Enjoy!   Stebbins CON Game Night @ Proto BuildBar

GeekDayton Podcast: StebbinsCon 2016 and Board Game Night 05/14 Josher and Larry walk the floor of Stebbins CON in Riverside, OH and speak with a local artist and the folks from World Paranormal Investigations. Afterward, they head over to the first board game night at Proto BuildBar, located on First St. in Dayton, OH. On the way they give their impression of of the con and the unfortunate reputation Dayton has received in the past for poor attenance. We finish off at Proto, where Josher geeks out over the amazing turnout and talks to people about the board gaming community while I make people uncomfortable by taking photos. Big … Read more

Justify Your Kickstarter: That Naughty Pipe, adult coloring book

That Naughty Pipe, by Rob E Boley and Amy Kollar Anderson

Here at GeekDayton HQ, we have a lot of people get in contact with us who want us to help promote their Kickstarter projects.  We really want to help, but sometimes it can be hard to understand why we should care about these projects.  So we’ve decided to start a new feature for this situation:  Justify Your Kickstarter. In JYK, creators must tell us why they think their project is worth backing.  Will they maintain their grace and poise when faced with such scrutiny?  Or will they crack under the pressure, like your mama’s hard-boiled eggs, their gooey insides leaking … Read more

4 Super Anti-Hero Movies You Have to See

Let’s face it, it’s the era of the superhero movie. Comics left and right are being pried apart to find movie-worthy (or otherwise) enterprises. But, for those poor unappreciative souls who whimper “I don’t like superheroes…”, we have four alternatives. 1.Hancock Will Smith stars in this rare non-comic book superhero movie as a barely-recovering alcoholic god-like amnesiac who will shove your head up your accomplice’s ass if you cross him. He barely counts as a superhero, and it’s quite refreshing. He’s not implicitly for or against killing, but he does seem to put many criminals in some rather compromising positions (in … Read more

Spotlight: Capstone Games’ Arkwright

Capstone Games' Arkwright

In Capstone Games’ Arkwright, players take control of factories in 18th century England, during that country’s industrial revolution.  The game revolves around operating factories, hiring/firing workers, and upgrading the quality of your products, all while attempting to turn a profit.  The idea is to get your stuff in the hands of the Victorian English, who may or may not even want your products, depending on how crappy/sweet they are. “Depending on the game model,” says Clay Ross, owner of Capstone Games, the Union, Ohio startup that will be releasing the 2nd edition of Arkwright, “you play through a few decades, and … Read more

Mr. Sandbox… give me a game.

Who was your favorite member of The Chordettes? For me it’s a toss-up between Janet Ertel and Jinny Lockard. But I think Jinny takes the cake. This has nothing to do with video games. However. They had a song (originally written by Pat Ballard), called Mr. Sandman. It was also played in a open-world/sandbox game called Fallout 3. WHAT?     This is also Mr. Sandman. Man, fuck that “Dreamland Express” move in the SNES Punch-Out. Same approach in every game though, wait out the jabs, hook once, counter his next move, then do it all again. Meanwhile, Punch-Out’s main character … Read more

Lost in the Shell with ScarJo

Scarlett Johansson as Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shelll

Ghost in the Shell: For me, it was a hash mark at the beginning of my descent into all things anime and introduced me to the word “cyberpunk.” It was at the top of all the “best anime movie” lists the internet had to offer, and it sat conveniently on the shelf of my local library. Dark and mysterious, the music and art were immediately captivating. The scene of Kusanagi’s short hair blowing in the wind as she looks down at the city below and her naked body methodically falling into it is one of the most hypnotic and iconic … Read more

Stebbins CON: Fundraising Gone Geek

Anybody who participates in a school extracurricular, or has a child who does, faces the same obligation: candy bar sales for fundraising. What do we do? We go door-to-door pleading our case for how beneficial it is that we play this sport or that instrument, right? Wrong. In reality, we send the box of candy bars to work with mom and dad, and they guilt their coworkers into paying four times the price of what you could get at the Kwik-E-Mart. James Garrett had a different idea: Stebbins CON. Rather than trying to convince a coworker that they should give the peanut bar … Read more