19 Star Trek Starships You May Or May Not Have Known Are Canon

Star Trek is a special franchise with a special design scheme. It’s Saucer/nacelle “variation on a theme” is a cost effective approach to varying class types and building upon a proven design. It’s crazy to try and enumerate all of the Starships in the show, but plenty try to do so with a number of well put together websites highlighting any ship they can find and include. Usually these are broken into a few categories such as Federation ships, Klingon ships, Romulan ships, other alien ships, civilian ships, etc, and most of these ships have ample screen time to cement … Read more

How To: Board Game Night at Proto Buildbar! 2017

Board Game Night at Proto Buildbar. Coming up soon. It got me thinking. You’re about to read something that I’ll never say again in my entire life. (Probably). Get the family all together in the room while you read this. Shut the tv off. Board games are better than video games in one way. But seriously, though. One way. I was asked to watch a “How To Play” video of a board game. It was like 30 minutes long. Early in the video, the guy mentioned how I had to also watch the core game “How To Play” video. It … Read more

How to Hunt VHS with Ryan Gelatin

In ‘How to Hunt VHS’, special VHS correspondent, Ryan Gelatin, risks life and limb to give us a never before seen look into the life of a VHS hunter. From Luddites to hillbilly racists, no peril is dangerous enough to keep Ryan from getting the story.

Tiny Epic Interview: Michael Coe, founder of Gamelyn Games

Michael Coe, founder of Gamelyn Games

Hardcore gamers might be surprised to find that CEO Michael Coe, founder of Gamelyn Games, is not one of their ilk. “I don’t come from a hobbyist background, really,” he says from his home in Gilbert, Arizona, where he spoke with us by phone. “I did play board games when I was a kid, but it was very standard stuff like Monopoly and Sorry!” Coe eventually did graduate from those standards to something more exciting. “When I was in fourth grade my dad got a copy of Heroquest, and that resonated with me quite a bit when I was a kid.” But … Read more

Thrift Shop: Buy other people’s trash!

Popping tags. It means to switch a more expensive price tag for a cheaper one, traditionally a technique used in retail stores by shoplifters. But at a thrift shop? What’s wrong with you? What exactly was Ben “Macklemore” Haggerty and Michael “Wanz” Wansley doing using this tried and true lifting scam at a thrift store, especially when they immediately admit to having $20 in their pockets? $20 would get you far at one of the Gem City thrift shops. Not the upscale ones, though. Maybe that’s it. Maybe Macklemore was at one of them. Those that border somewhere between trash … Read more

Spotlight: Zagar Games’ BetaBotz

For the last two years, Zagar Games, comprised of Gargitt Au, Zack Connaughton, and Carl Huang, have been creating and testing their game, BetaBotz. The game, which adds bidding and negotiation elements to a basic card drafting mechanic similar to that found in Munchkin, is currently being Kickstarted as of the time of this writing. BetaBotz works like this: in the first round, players bid in-game currency, known as bitz, on the robot they like the best or think will be most effective at completing missions. Each robot has four stats: Agility, Firepower, Structure, and Processor. Different missions require different levels … Read more

GeekDayton Podcast: Tim Withem, Medieval Interactions Gaming

Tim Withem Medieval Interactions Gaming

  In this episode of the podcast, Josher, along with GeekDayton writers Griffin and Doug, sit down with Tim Withem of Dayton-based game company Medieval Interactions Gaming. They discuss Medieval Interaction’s freshman offering, Mastermind’s Workshop, and the accompanying Kickstarter campaign. Tim talks about game development, the playtesting process, as well as future projects we can expect from MI Gaming. You can learn more about Mastermind’s Workshop and other games by visiting MI Gaming’s Facebook page here. If you like what you see, or if your heart isn’t made of stone and you like to see Dayton local start-ups succeed, back … Read more

Game delays, death threats, and neckbeards, OH MY.

Random question. Now who here has had a death-threat tossed at them at some point? Just me? Huh…. ok then. SO! There’s this upcoming video game that’s supposed to be the absolute cat’s pajamas. No Man’s Sky. It’s this space exploration simulation game for the PlayStation 4 that’s supposed to have randomized planets, lots of exploration, a whole galaxy to explore, randomly generated creatures to explore, and resources to explore for. It’s essentially a game about exploration. Beyond that and a few video trailers/game play footage, that’s about all we know. No Man’s Sky is made by a super super … Read more

5 Reasons Why Your Collectibles Aren’t Worth S#!*

I was in a local comic book shop, looking for Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars issue #8 in my ongoing quest to obtain the comics I had as a youth. You know, the one where Spider-Man comes in from a recent battle, costume in tatters, and Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic) just happens to have found a piece of alien tech that you can think into, and it will create what you thought of. Thus, the black spidey suit (and subsequently Venom) is born. I know. It’s a brilliant plot device. That’s how I remember it anyway. The shop didn’t … Read more

Will The Sexiest Spider-Man Please Stand Up

I love Spider-Man. Some would say too much. Spidey holds a very dear place in my heart as Spider-Man comics (as well as feminine hygiene products) were how I learned to read. In the vast domain known as comic books, I don’t think there has been a hero or villain with more costume changes than ol’ Spidey himself. I’m not trying to choose a favorite here, but I had this conversation within myself recently and we all just started arguing: Me: Oh, the classic red and blue is so fetching. I have no idea why they ever changed it in … Read more