The Nintendo Horror Story: Dun Goofed

and it was at that moment, the players realized….. that Nintendo….. WASN’T EVEN MAKING THE GAME! AAAAAAHHHH!!! Nintendo. Come on. You had it all going for you!! Amazing mobile game (ssssshhhh, no one knew it wasn’t yours) A super mysterious and unknown future system! No stupid tiny system. Oysters, more specifically the world became your bivalve mollusc. Months later. What like… two? Months? Ya Blew it. Now you have: Barely a mention of having any involvement in Pokemon Go. So, on the PG wiki, Nintendo is listed a number of times. But it basically says the concept of the game was … Read more

Photography: Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO…Oh My!

When I first started out in photography, the hardest thing for me to do was take my camera out of ‘auto’ mode. I had this nice, new, shiny DSLR. I thought I was hot stuff. I had a camera that needed a neck strap. A neck strap that said ‘Nikon’ in big, bold, yellow Nikon font that I made sure was facing out at all times so people knew I was using a nice camera. The problem was that shooting photos in ‘auto’ meant that every picture looked the same as you’d get from a decent point-and-shoot camera. To solve … Read more

Spidey Comic, Bringing Back a Classic!

I love the recent run of Spider-Man titled Spidey. I also loved the short run of Learning to Crawl  that came out with the refresh of Amazing Spider-Man #1. I simply adore the older Spider-Man cartoons, the good ones. You know the ones. Ok, maybe that wasn’t an entirely accurate representation of the cartoon, but actually somewhat close. In my mind, Spider-Man wasn’t supposed to be taken so seriously. Doc Ock and Peter Parker swapping brains because Doc Ock is dying and all that nonsense? That’s heavy. Spidey ain’t supposed to be so heavy. It features a reformed Otto Octavius who has taken … Read more

Photography: Getting Started

Countless articles have been written on where to begin if you’re just starting out in photography. So, you may be asking, “Hey, asshole, why should I read your article?” That’s a fair question to which I answer that I have no sponsors to whom I’m beholden, nor am I trying to sell you anything….except perhaps my soul if you can grant me life eternal. Without further ado, here are some absolute musts as a neophyte photographer. WARNING!! Obligatory insult to intelligence ahead! 1. The first thing you’ll need is a camera. I know. No effing duh! What kind of camera? Most … Read more

Review: Ghostbusters: Answer the Call

  I was introduced to the original Ghostbusters sometime around 2005 with the release of the Double Feature DVD set. I was 7. Seeing it in a theater wasn’t something I experienced until earlier this year, nor did I experience the pop culture phenomenon of “He slimed me!” after the movie first came out. However, it was one of my first “favorite movies”, and it is one of two franchises that I recently purchased the large 30th Anniversary hardcover book of, which covers the series, cartoon, video game, and comics in great detail. It seems like everyone I know has a lot … Read more

To a younger geek from an older geek: It gets better.

by Jenner Lumpkin I have difficulty trusting those who lament the passing of their twenties. Perhaps they’re simply romanticizing a decade’s worth of flawless skin, hopeful first dates, and unbridled freedom. But I can’t be the only one who spent my twenties suffering steadfast blemishes, curious singledom, and a pestering awareness that the bottle of Two Buck Chuck that I had put on my credit card would eventually end up costing me $152 after years of only managing to make the minimum payments every month. I needed direction. I needed money. I needed a nap. When would this vague but … Read more


I lowered the difficulty on a game, and have never been happier. There’s a mindset amongst gamers (ok maybe just ones I know) where you didn’t actually play the game until you’ve beaten it on HARD. And even some who say you didn’t get the full experience without completing 100% of the objectives and achievements. Listen Linda, years ago my dad convinced me to eat that little sprig of parsley they served with steaks in fancy restaurants. He said I wasn’t completely done with my meal until I ate that. I learned two things back then. 1. My dad convinced me … Read more

Your Favorite Comic Characters are Going to Change, but That’s Okay.

comic books

The only thing that stays constant in comics is that Aquaman will eat fish at a restaurant and some asshole will ask him if it’s okay if he does that. Aside from that, your favorite character may become a woman or become a Muslim or maybe even a Hispanic boy, but it’s okay because in the end it’s just comics and I’m sure in another few months it’ll all go back to the way it was. You shouldn’t care about what sex or race your favorite character is as long as they’re being written well. Jason Aaron turned Jane Foster … Read more

Firewatch: Take a walk on the Wyoming side


I recently had the pleasure of playing Campo Santo’s Firewatch—a dialogue-weighted “hiking simulator” based in the 1989 Wyoming wilderness. This game is an experience both visually and emotionally. The voice acting in Firewatch is captivating, and the visuals whimsical. I’ve rarely come across a game that has torn me through a heart-wrenching plot within the first 5-10 minutes, let alone by using only interactive text on-screen. It does not cease to be an emotional rollercoaster throughout its several hours of gameplay. It’ll make you laugh out loud, it’ll make your eyes well up, and it’ll make you consider moving out … Read more

Damn Dirty Apes

Though the franchise was launched a decade and a half before I was born, I have long had an affinity for the Planet of the Apes movies. Having first viewed them in high school, the movies instantly resonated with me. There’s just something about them. The social commentary expressed therein has been criticized as forced, and the delivery at times comes off as more than a little campy, but I view these characteristics as benefits rather than detriments. Based on Pierre Boulle’s 1963 novel of the same name, the original film Planet of the Apes tackled such delicate topics as race, social … Read more