In Support of Modern Horror: Updates for the Tired Top 10

It’s that time of year again, maniacs.  You know what I mean.  The world turns orange, the pumpkin spice starts to flow, and seemingly every entertainment website publishes its Horror Top 10 list for the best scary movies of all time.  These lists are supposed to guide the seasonal horror viewer to the must-see, can’t-miss, gotta-watch-with-the-lights-out films that have become the staples of October viewing.  But do they?  I can’t help but feel that these lists have become a bit…well…predictable.  They usually refer to the same old horror chestnuts every year without much variation from site to site.  Those of … Read more

Interview With A Sasquatch Hunter, part 1

bigfoot sasquatch

(Note: This post is part of a series of posts interviewing a sasquatch hunter. Each week, GeekDayton will post another piece of the interview.) Not everything in the world has been explained. Not every animal has been discovered. The ancient city of Troy was found after thousands of years of being classified as legend. Mountain Gorillas, Okapi, Giant Panda, Giant Squid; all of these creatures had remained a mystery up until the 20th century. 15,000 species are being discovered annually with scientists estimating that there are about 8.7 million species on the planet (currently we know of about 1.3 million). … Read more

Con Competence: Anime Conventions

Anime convention

Writer’s Note: I’m pretty heavily entrenched in “non-biased” territory writing about most Ohio anime conventions. Being an executive-level staffer at Kabochacon has blessed me with the friendship of head staff at many events I’ll be mentioning below. I’ve been going to some of these events literally a decade longer than I ever became a con staffer though, so it’s not like I don’t have plenty experience as an attendee too. A conversation with some people this past weekend at Matsuricon led me to re-remember that Dayton has definitely lucked out in terms of location when it comes to cons. Not … Read more

Rax and the greatest of expectations

Rax and the quest for a reclaimed childhood There had been rumors, legends mostly, of a still existing and operating Rax Roast Beef in Ohio. (I’d known of and visited the one in Circleville. While the name and appearance are correct, it pales in comparison to what my memories displayed.) Could it be true? A real life Rax that had somehow completely been missed by the ravages of time and Southern Ohio? Sure, there are a few down south, and tales of them elsewhere, but those simply didn’t capture the true essence of my childhood Rax. You see, Xenia had a Rax. … Read more

Spotlight: Blackfall Press’ Cold Steel Wardens: Rogue’s Gallery

Cold Steel Wardens: Rogue's Gallery

Did you know that right here, in the Miami Valley, we have a real, live role-playing game designer? That’s right, kids! His name is Andy Klosky, and he’s the brains behind Blackfall Press. His game, Cold Steel Wardens, is more fun than a turkey baster of grain alcohol! Klosky, who grew up in Western Pennsylvania, has been playing games since he was in the 6th grade. Like many game designers born in the ’80s, he made his first games by tinkering with the cardboard terrain and plastic miniatures from his Heroquest set.  When he grew up, he moved to Ohio … Read more

GD PodShort- Andy’s Vampire: Masquerade Story

GD PODSHORT ROUND 2. Andy of Cold Steel Wardens: Roleplaying in the Iron Age of Comics, sits down with the GeekDayton team to present his awesome RPG, and talk about his currently-in-Kickstarter expansion to Cold Steel Wardens. Kickstarter for Rogues Gallery here! We’re backing it, are you?? Look for the interview to be published soon! In the meantime, below is a snippet from the interview where Andy tells us a story about his foray into Vampire: The Masquerade LARP.

Geek Book Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany, and Jack Thorn   A WARNING FOR IDIOTS: Cursed Child is technically the eighth book in the Harry Potter series.  This review assumes you’ve gotten around to reading the others in the full decade since the last one came out.  If you haven’t, you can always tell the clerk at Barnes&Noble you’re buying them for your kid.  Spoilers ahoy! Reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child feels like someone somewhere scoured the internet for its tens of thousands of Potter fanfictions, isolated the three dozen or so good … Read more

A Parent’s Geek Guide To Nerf

Fuckin' Nerf. For geek parents and kids.

Hello everyone. It is time for another question-and-answer with your favorite Geek Dad. I’m back to help you understand something your kids love, but you just can’t seem to wrap your head around. Hopefully, this will help you connect with your child. This week, we are gonna talk about a kids’ toy that seems to be gaining a lot of popularity these last few years, Nerf. So, what is Nerf? While the term Nerf can refer to a lot of things, this guide is going to be referring to Nerf as in Nerf the company. Nerf is a company (part of … Read more

Whimsi-cool. A more wholesome style of media

I love whimsy. Whimsical stuff. But not like cutesy whimsy. More like fantasy whimsy, but like teen fantasy. No…. not like that though. Think like…. Treasure Planet meets Monster House meets National Treasure meets Haunted Mansion meets Harry Potter meets The Woods. Mash that all together. I love that. That sort of cartoony, kid-esque, fantasy realm? yeah? No?   That. Love that nonsense. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the current comics and video games, what with their action and excitement and the such. But there’s a part of me that just enjoys the simpler stories. Simple in the … Read more

Spotlight: Geektronic Gaming Cafe

Geektronic Gaming Cafe

When Lindsey Kessel told me her favorite video game of all time, I have to say I was a little surprised. “A Boy and His Blob,” the 31-year-old aspiring entrepreneur says. “I love it. I also love Bubble Bobble.” The mother of three had rattled off two unexpected entries from the video game treasury. Describing herself as a lifelong gamer, Kessel says she got her first NES at the age of 7. “My grandma actually is a gamer,” Kessel tells me. “She has been gaming since I can remember. I used to get in fights with her because I’d be like, ‘Can … Read more