GD PodShort- Let’s Play: Cold Steel Wardens!

GD Podshort- a PodLong version! We sit down with Andy, the creator of Cold Steel Wardens: Roleplaying In The Iron Age Of Comics. He runs the GeekDayton crew through a custom-made campaign of Cold Steel Wardens. The Cast- Larry: Silence- A dark brooding stealth-based girl Josher: CamShaft- A Cybernetic scientist with a robot arm Doug- Caidera- A South American street-tough turned goodguy! Andy: Andy The GM! A note about the system- The game only uses D10s for rolls. As for the info at the end, this was recorded a while back. Who knew that Cold Steel Wardens: Rogues Gallery would fund their Kickstarter? WE … Read more

Interview With A Sasquatch Hunter, Part 3

bigfoot sasquatch

(This is the third post in our interview series with a Bigfoot hunter who wishes to remain anonymous. If you didn’t read the first two in the series, click here.) GD: What is your opinion of Sasquatch’s intelligence level and their instinctive behavior when it comes to themselves as either individuals or a society? Do you have an opinion on how they are so successfully reclusive? Mr. X: Well they are probably one of the most intelligent lifeforms on earth, besides humans. They know the woods as well as Native Americans before European settlers and share their skill level. They (Native … Read more

How To Make Friends and Influence Nerds! BGN Edition!

MERRY BOARD GAME NIGHT EVE, YA’LL. It’s like Christmas!!!… If you just sit around and play board games and drink. So… like Christmas. Now I’m not going to bore you all with a re-hash of the last Board Game Night How-To. (which is available to read here, here, and here.) Oh no no. Today I come to you with a different How-To. Specifically focusing on points 3 and 4 of the Board Game Night How–To. (Real sorry about that.) Talking to people and making friends! If you already have friends, well good. We’re all very impressed with you. You must … Read more

Board Game Night Raffle Prizes

GeekDayton Presents Board Game Night at Proto BuildBar

Holy crap! Do we have some amazing prizes for you this time around! Big thanks to all of the generous bands, comic creators, game designers, and shops that so graciously donated these items to help us help ExtraLife of Dayton. Rules: Must be present to win. You may win more than one prize pack. We’ll also be doing “runner-up” drawings for band t-shirts, winner’s choice of size, while supplies last. Winners of prize packs may win runner-up shirt drawings in future drawings, but may not win runner-up of a drawing that they won the prize pack for. If there’s a … Read more

Justify Your Kickstarter: Day 165, A Supernatural War Comic

Day 165: A Supernatural War Comic

Day 165 is a new comic seeking funding on Kickstarter. If you only took a cursory glance at its cover, which features two army men discharging firearms, you’d think it was just a war comic. But Day 165 is more than that. Drawing inspiration from the great old supernatural anthology shows that were once a mainstay of prime time TV programming, Day 165 takes readers on a sci-fi romp. We talked to co-creator of Day 165, Springfield, Ohio native Tony Wright, to find out why anyone should want to part with their precious dollars to back his comic. Why on earth should anyone care … Read more

Rob Zombie’s 31: A Ms. Voodoo Review

Rob Zombie's 31

Hi there, maniacs.  It’s Ms. Voodoo again, this time with a review of Rob Zombie’s latest flick, 31.  I must preface the review by making a small admission:  I am absolutely smitten with Rob Zombie.  I can’t help it.  He just slays me.  In fact, I have often referred to him as my future ex-husband, much to the chagrin of my current beau, um Beau.  I’m sure he and Sherri will understand when they see us together.  We’ll be too gruesomely adorable to hate for long and too gruesomely gruesome to attempt to split up.  It’s gonna be a thing. … Read more

Couples who game together… are sexier.

Gaming with your significant other! The 2014 US Census claims that 50% of all Americans are “single.” Lies. If that was true, I wouldn’t be having such a hard time on Of course this also doesn’t take into consideration all of the people who are dating, common law marriage, living in SIN, engaged, living with two ladies, or that awkward time where ya’ll broke up, but ya’ll still living together because shit’s weird, ya’ll know. It gets better tho. Realistically, there’s probably someone out there that you could consider an S/O. (I mean… if there isn’t, come to Board Game … Read more

Klask Review

Klask game

(This review originally ran at KLASK (Oy Marektoy) I have to say, I’m not a major fan of games that require me to overcome my deficit of physical prowess in order to win. Often, my own hand-eye coordination takes on an adversarial quality when I attempt to harness it as a tool toward victory. If I were a D&D character, my dex modifier would be like -2. However, I am able to see past my deficiencies when it comes to the game Klask. Klask is basically like air hockey or foosball in that it is played on a table … Read more

Interview with a Sasquatch Hunter, part 2

bigfoot sasquatch

(This is the second post in our interview series with a Bigfoot hunter who wishes to remain anonymous. If you didn’t read the first in the series, click here.) GD: Are you familiar with the B.F.R.O. or Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization? Mr. X: Yeah (chuckles). GD: Is this something you actively participate in and read? Mr. X: No. At first, I thought it was something cool. I have used some of their maps; however, I hear that they have a lot more sightings that they just don’t put on there. A lot of the people I listen to think that … Read more

Fighting Game Tournament this Weekend in Cincinnati

There are certainly much worse ways to spend a weekend than making new friends for a few days of competition in an arcade setting. A 3-day contest of fighting game prowess is sure to test the hand-eye coordination of even the most worthy and formidable gamer. This weekend, Robin Palm plans to give you just that. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, where he organized the Civil War fighting game tournament series, Robin has taken his event and moved it Westward. Taking place at Arcade Legacy in the Cincinnati Mall, Civil War: Manifest Destiny will be a fight to the finish. “The … Read more