Build Your Board Game Collection For a Dollar a Day! Part 1

So, you want to play boardgames but don’t want to spend a lot of money. It can pretty easily be done with a little creativity and time. The first, most important tip: Don’t buy games. To expand on that “Don’t”, I don’t mean “Don’t” entirely of course. I’m saying play before you buy. Find a boardgame group and play their games before you buy any. You’ll have a better idea what kinds of games really work for you. If you find a group that you start attending regularly, you won’t waste money duplicating games that are already common in the … Read more

Justify Your Kickstarter: Jim Tramontana, Martians vs Unicorns

We’ve talked to Jim Tramontana before. It was a while back, when we bumped into him at Gem City Comic Con. Back then, he was promoting his comic book Vikings vs Unicorns #1, a gorgeous and disturbing trip into a universe where the unicorns are the bad guys. Now he’s trying to get us to crowdfund his latest effort, the even more disturbing Martians vs Unicorns, a bit of backstory into the Unicorns universe. Jim has other notable projects, too. His band, Red Hot Rebellion, successfully Kickstarted their graphic novel/cd combo, The Mission, a couple years back. He is also hard at work designing … Read more

Build Your Board Game Collection For a Dollar a Day!

A board game collection for a dollar a day!? That’s right. Hello, fellow gamers! I’m a new contributor here, and a long-time gamer of various sorts. Like many folks, there’s not much money in my budget for entertainment, but I’ve been working on expanding my modest tabletop gaming collection recently. I’ve been playing games for a long time. I grew up with an Atari 2600 and NES in the house. In middle school, I got into Magic and tabletop RPGs. I’ve worked in two different comic and game stores, which helped me branch out into more obscure card and board … Read more

NES Classic- A Classic case of reseller scamming

Remember that time I wasted a good chunk of a Friday? You see, I spent that time driving around to various stores. Why? Oh, well… First- Dear NES Classic “collectors” who bought out the stores en masse. Fuck You. Sorry. Not collectors. Shitbag resellers who should die in some sort of terrible way I have nothing to do with. You know who you all are. For those who don’t know, Friday was the release of the NES Classic. A small gimmicky console that has 30 original NES games on it. It released and became virtually unattainable due to low stock in … Read more

Psychobilly and Horror Rock: Two Local Dayton Bands to Love

Hello, maniacs!  It’s been a while.  Your intrepid Ms. Voodoo has been celebrating all things Halloween and generally running amok for the last month or so.  Now that it’s all over, I must admit that I’m a bit blue.  I’ve been looking for something creepy to lift my spirits and I’ve found it in the Dayton music scene.  We are so lucky that we have some home-grown horror bands here in Dayton.  Two of them have shows coming up this month that are just the ticket to soothe that post-Halloween depression. Have you heard of The Transylvania Hellhounds?  If you … Read more

Switch: Ninten-dooooo that to me one more time.

Nintendo Switch No Nintendo, you stay the same, I’ll change. I rag on Nintendo a lot here. It’s not that I hate Nintendo, quite the opposite. See, it’s like this. Anyone have that friend who’s essentially a nice person, but… goddammit, what a mess, yeah? They just have the shittiest luck, the worst ideas, sparks of brilliance that are immediately dashed when they over-do it. You know the type? For me, let’s name him, Calvin. (He probably doesn’t read my stuff anyhow.) I was once a passenger in a car accident with Calvin. True stories. The sun created a glare on … Read more