About Josher

Josher Lumpkin is a lifelong geek and (mostly) reformed ne’er-do-well who started writing by making fanzines in the punk rock scene of the 1990s. He has written for DyingScene.com as well as Dayton City Paper, and has toured the U.S. playing music. His interests include postsecondary education in perpetuity (currently working on Nursing and History degrees), tabletop gaming, Star Trek, and wishing his dogs were better trained. He resides in Dayton proper with his loving wife, Jenner.

Justify Your Kickstarter: Jim Tramontana, Martians vs Unicorns

We’ve talked to Jim Tramontana before. It was a while back, when we bumped into him at Gem City Comic Con. Back then, he was promoting his comic book Vikings vs Unicorns #1, a gorgeous and disturbing trip into a universe where the unicorns are the bad guys. Now he’s trying to get us to crowdfund his latest effort, the even more disturbing Martians vs Unicorns, a bit of backstory into the Unicorns universe. Jim has other notable projects, too. His band, Red Hot Rebellion, successfully Kickstarted their graphic novel/cd combo, The Mission, a couple years back. He is also hard at work designing … Read more

Un-Con Ohio X: This Weekend in Piqua

There’s a unique event going on this Friday and Saturday in Piqua. A small little convention, different from others, that started with a few friends and has grown into something else entirely. That event is Un-Con X. The whole thing started years ago as a concept imagined by a man named Joe Manning. Manning called it “The Camp Dover Peace Conference.” “He was retired military. He was retired from working, but he believed in a convention that was somewhat similar in structure to the dinner of Star Trek 6—the bringing together of the Federation and the Klingons—and so he envisioned … Read more

Board Game Night Raffle Prizes

GeekDayton Presents Board Game Night at Proto BuildBar

Holy crap! Do we have some amazing prizes for you this time around! Big thanks to all of the generous bands, comic creators, game designers, and shops that so graciously donated these items to help us help ExtraLife of Dayton. Rules: Must be present to win. You may win more than one prize pack. We’ll also be doing “runner-up” drawings for band t-shirts, winner’s choice of size, while supplies last. Winners of prize packs may win runner-up shirt drawings in future drawings, but may not win runner-up of a drawing that they won the prize pack for. If there’s a … Read more

Justify Your Kickstarter: Day 165, A Supernatural War Comic

Day 165: A Supernatural War Comic

Day 165 is a new comic seeking funding on Kickstarter. If you only took a cursory glance at its cover, which features two army men discharging firearms, you’d think it was just a war comic. But Day 165 is more than that. Drawing inspiration from the great old supernatural anthology shows that were once a mainstay of prime time TV programming, Day 165 takes readers on a sci-fi romp. We talked to co-creator of Day 165, Springfield, Ohio native Tony Wright, to find out why anyone should want to part with their precious dollars to back his comic. Why on earth should anyone care … Read more

Klask Review

Klask game

(This review originally ran at GhettoblasterMagazine.com) KLASK (Oy Marektoy) I have to say, I’m not a major fan of games that require me to overcome my deficit of physical prowess in order to win. Often, my own hand-eye coordination takes on an adversarial quality when I attempt to harness it as a tool toward victory. If I were a D&D character, my dex modifier would be like -2. However, I am able to see past my deficiencies when it comes to the game Klask. Klask is basically like air hockey or foosball in that it is played on a table … Read more

Fighting Game Tournament this Weekend in Cincinnati

There are certainly much worse ways to spend a weekend than making new friends for a few days of competition in an arcade setting. A 3-day contest of fighting game prowess is sure to test the hand-eye coordination of even the most worthy and formidable gamer. This weekend, Robin Palm plans to give you just that. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, where he organized the Civil War fighting game tournament series, Robin has taken his event and moved it Westward. Taking place at Arcade Legacy in the Cincinnati Mall, Civil War: Manifest Destiny will be a fight to the finish. “The … Read more

Spotlight: Blackfall Press’ Cold Steel Wardens: Rogue’s Gallery

Cold Steel Wardens: Rogue's Gallery

Did you know that right here, in the Miami Valley, we have a real, live role-playing game designer? That’s right, kids! His name is Andy Klosky, and he’s the brains behind Blackfall Press. His game, Cold Steel Wardens, is more fun than a turkey baster of grain alcohol! Klosky, who grew up in Western Pennsylvania, has been playing games since he was in the 6th grade. Like many game designers born in the ’80s, he made his first games by tinkering with the cardboard terrain and plastic miniatures from his Heroquest set.  When he grew up, he moved to Ohio … Read more

Spotlight: Geektronic Gaming Cafe

Geektronic Gaming Cafe

When Lindsey Kessel told me her favorite video game of all time, I have to say I was a little surprised. “A Boy and His Blob,” the 31-year-old aspiring entrepreneur says. “I love it. I also love Bubble Bobble.” The mother of three had rattled off two unexpected entries from the video game treasury. Describing herself as a lifelong gamer, Kessel says she got her first NES at the age of 7. “My grandma actually is a gamer,” Kessel tells me. “She has been gaming since I can remember. I used to get in fights with her because I’d be like, ‘Can … Read more

Ten Reasons to love the ’80s fantasy epic Willow

Willow Fairies

Willow, George Lucas and Ron Howard’s 1988 film, is the unsung fantasy/action epic of the ‘80s. While it may not be regarded as a masterpiece of cinematography or have won any awards, and it might be fundamentally flawed among similar films in that it does not star any Muppets, Willow will always have a very special piece of this writer’s heart. Let’s explore the many reasons why. 1. Willow is a total underdog. Though he is loved by his cute kids and wife, and he is well regarded by his bestie, Meegosh, everyone one else thinks Willow is kind of … Read more

Damn Dirty Apes

Though the franchise was launched a decade and a half before I was born, I have long had an affinity for the Planet of the Apes movies. Having first viewed them in high school, the movies instantly resonated with me. There’s just something about them. The social commentary expressed therein has been criticized as forced, and the delivery at times comes off as more than a little campy, but I view these characteristics as benefits rather than detriments. Based on Pierre Boulle’s 1963 novel of the same name, the original film Planet of the Apes tackled such delicate topics as race, social … Read more