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Larry comes to us by way of Huber Heights. He is a lifelong geek as is evident by his bio photo. After a horrible accident in the plastics manufacturing industry left him permanently disfigured, he decided to dedicate his life to making the world a better place. The first thing he did was enroll in nursing school. The second thing he did was co-create this totally awesome website with Josher. Although Larry's English writing skills are similar to that of a bonobo chimpanzee, man is he good with his hands. With Josher's help, as well as yours, he's confident that together they can make the most amazing geek website the world (at least Dayton) has ever seen!

Christmas Movies For The Rest Of Us

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been force-fed the standard “Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer”, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” etc. Well, maybe not ever since I can remember, as I recall watching “The Nightmare on Elm Street” and “The Toxic Avenger” as a six year old. Ever since I can remember my parents realizing the choices they make with regard to what my impressionable brain was exposed to, I had to endure the mundane, albeit well produced, crap the masses said was appropriate for the yule tide. While I still have nostalgia for the stop-action Abominable Snow Man (mostly … Read more

Spit Take: Borrowed Time, What Animators Do On Their Days Off

Welcome, faithful readers, to our first Spit Take. After a while, we get tired of hearing ourselves blather on about things. So, we want to hear what you think. We’ll give you a little insight into the subject, then it’s up to you, yes YOU…no, not you…you…in the back, to tell us your take on it. It’s pretty much what the internet was designed to do; allow people to blow hard about things of which they know little. Shall we? What do creatives do during their time off from work? They create! That’s exactly what Pixar animators Andrew Coats and Lou … Read more

Photography: Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO…Oh My!

When I first started out in photography, the hardest thing for me to do was take my camera out of ‘auto’ mode. I had this nice, new, shiny DSLR. I thought I was hot stuff. I had a camera that needed a neck strap. A neck strap that said ‘Nikon’ in big, bold, yellow Nikon font that I made sure was facing out at all times so people knew I was using a nice camera. The problem was that shooting photos in ‘auto’ meant that every picture looked the same as you’d get from a decent point-and-shoot camera. To solve … Read more

Photography: Getting Started

Countless articles have been written on where to begin if you’re just starting out in photography. So, you may be asking, “Hey, asshole, why should I read your article?” That’s a fair question to which I answer that I have no sponsors to whom I’m beholden, nor am I trying to sell you anything….except perhaps my soul if you can grant me life eternal. Without further ado, here are some absolute musts as a neophyte photographer. WARNING!! Obligatory insult to intelligence ahead! 1. The first thing you’ll need is a camera. I know. No effing duh! What kind of camera? Most … Read more

Dayton Makes: Carillon Park Hosting Maker Faire

What is a “maker?” Why the hell do they need a “faire?” Both very good questions. Unlike what Debbie Chachra of The Atlantic supposes in her article “Why I Am Not a Maker,” the term “maker” and the movement behind it are not the Ayn Rand-esque self-fellatio of Silicon Valley coders. This may be why she’s only written one article for The Atlantic. James Fellows wrote “Why the Maker Movement Matters“ for the same site about a year later. James Fellows continues to write a shit ton for The Atlantic. Just sayin.’ At their core, makers are people who use existing technology to … Read more

How to Hunt VHS with Ryan Gelatin

In ‘How to Hunt VHS’, special VHS correspondent, Ryan Gelatin, risks life and limb to give us a never before seen look into the life of a VHS hunter. From Luddites to hillbilly racists, no peril is dangerous enough to keep Ryan from getting the story.

GeekDayton Podcast: Tim Withem, Medieval Interactions Gaming

Tim Withem Medieval Interactions Gaming

  In this episode of the podcast, Josher, along with GeekDayton writers Griffin and Doug, sit down with Tim Withem of Dayton-based game company Medieval Interactions Gaming. They discuss Medieval Interaction’s freshman offering, Mastermind’s Workshop, and the accompanying Kickstarter campaign. Tim talks about game development, the playtesting process, as well as future projects we can expect from MI Gaming. You can learn more about Mastermind’s Workshop and other games by visiting MI Gaming’s Facebook page here. If you like what you see, or if your heart isn’t made of stone and you like to see Dayton local start-ups succeed, back … Read more

5 Reasons Why Your Collectibles Aren’t Worth S#!*

I was in a local comic book shop, looking for Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars issue #8 in my ongoing quest to obtain the comics I had as a youth. You know, the one where Spider-Man comes in from a recent battle, costume in tatters, and Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic) just happens to have found a piece of alien tech that you can think into, and it will create what you thought of. Thus, the black spidey suit (and subsequently Venom) is born. I know. It’s a brilliant plot device. That’s how I remember it anyway. The shop didn’t … Read more

Arkwright Board Game Giveaway

Arkwright Giveaway

Sorry, folks. The Arkwright board game giveaway has ended. Here’s a photo of hot cosplay Mystique as a consolation. Don’t be blue though. We’ll be giving away more free stuff in the future. You can learn more about the game and how to order here. Keep visiting GeekDayton so you don’t miss the next contest! Thanks for stopping by.

Gallery: Stebbins CON and Game Night at Proto BuildBar

These images were originally posted as a companion slideshow to our podcast covering Stebbins CON and Game Night at Proto BuildBar. Slideshows suck for viewing images, and if we had put a clickable gallery up as a companion piece, it would have stopped the podcast you were listening to. You can find the podcast here. Enjoy!   Stebbins CON Game Night @ Proto BuildBar