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William is a skinny, little, smelly troll from the medieval city of Waukesha, Wisconsin. His geekdom knows no boundaries: He is sexually attracted to Star Trek starships, has seen every episode of Jem and the Holograms twice, knows what a smurf tastes like, has far too many comic books to be considered human, and currently identifies his religion as Dalek. William has a wife whom he constantly mystifies with his pathetic, encyclopedic musings of all things Star Trek, Star Wars, or Doctor Who, and a son who is already better at most things than he.

Interview With A Sasquatch Hunter, Part 3

bigfoot sasquatch

(This is the third post in our interview series with a Bigfoot hunter who wishes to remain anonymous. If you didn’t read the first two in the series, click here.) GD: What is your opinion of Sasquatch’s intelligence level and their instinctive behavior when it comes to themselves as either individuals or a society? Do you have an opinion on how they are so successfully reclusive? Mr. X: Well they are probably one of the most intelligent lifeforms on earth, besides humans. They know the woods as well as Native Americans before European settlers and share their skill level. They (Native … Read more

Interview with a Sasquatch Hunter, part 2

bigfoot sasquatch

(This is the second post in our interview series with a Bigfoot hunter who wishes to remain anonymous. If you didn’t read the first in the series, click here.) GD: Are you familiar with the B.F.R.O. or Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization? Mr. X: Yeah (chuckles). GD: Is this something you actively participate in and read? Mr. X: No. At first, I thought it was something cool. I have used some of their maps; however, I hear that they have a lot more sightings that they just don’t put on there. A lot of the people I listen to think that … Read more

Interview With A Sasquatch Hunter, part 1

bigfoot sasquatch

(Note: This post is part of a series of posts interviewing a sasquatch hunter. Each week, GeekDayton will post another piece of the interview.) Not everything in the world has been explained. Not every animal has been discovered. The ancient city of Troy was found after thousands of years of being classified as legend. Mountain Gorillas, Okapi, Giant Panda, Giant Squid; all of these creatures had remained a mystery up until the 20th century. 15,000 species are being discovered annually with scientists estimating that there are about 8.7 million species on the planet (currently we know of about 1.3 million). … Read more

19 Star Trek Starships You May Or May Not Have Known Are Canon

Star Trek is a special franchise with a special design scheme. It’s Saucer/nacelle “variation on a theme” is a cost effective approach to varying class types and building upon a proven design. It’s crazy to try and enumerate all of the Starships in the show, but plenty try to do so with a number of well put together websites highlighting any ship they can find and include. Usually these are broken into a few categories such as Federation ships, Klingon ships, Romulan ships, other alien ships, civilian ships, etc, and most of these ships have ample screen time to cement … Read more

Will The Sexiest Spider-Man Please Stand Up

I love Spider-Man. Some would say too much. Spidey holds a very dear place in my heart as Spider-Man comics (as well as feminine hygiene products) were how I learned to read. In the vast domain known as comic books, I don’t think there has been a hero or villain with more costume changes than ol’ Spidey himself. I’m not trying to choose a favorite here, but I had this conversation within myself recently and we all just started arguing: Me: Oh, the classic red and blue is so fetching. I have no idea why they ever changed it in … Read more

The Many Vast Fiction Universes of Doctor Who

Dr Who

Probably one of the greatest crimes in the history of British television is the 1989 suspension of the longest-running science fiction television show to that date, Doctor Who. For years, Doctor Who’s ratings had declined steadily after the departure of the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, in 1984. The new Doctor, played by Colin Baker, was portrayed quite differently from previous incarnations. More snarky, angry, even violent at times, Baker tried to portray the Doctor as a true alien, one who’s motivations and personality were decidedly “unhuman” to viewers. Such was Baker’s full intention, as it was that of then executive … Read more