This Saturday in Dayton: Two Events, Twice the Fun!

This Saturday, Dayton has not one, but two excellent events to check out! DayCon Game Day Running from 9AM to 10PM, come check out a day filled with tabletop gaming of all sorts! Board games, roleplaying games, and more are all here to be played. The show is held in the Rona Banquet Hall, located at 1043 Rona Parkway, Fairborn, Ohio 45324. For a full schedule of games, click here. Studio Akumakaze’s Independent Creators Expo and Film Festival I.C.E. is both a showcase of local creators and a film festival showing local films! With events running all day long, there’s no … Read more

Un-Con Ohio X: This Weekend in Piqua

There’s a unique event going on this Friday and Saturday in Piqua. A small little convention, different from others, that started with a few friends and has grown into something else entirely. That event is Un-Con X. The whole thing started years ago as a concept imagined by a man named Joe Manning. Manning called it “The Camp Dover Peace Conference.” “He was retired military. He was retired from working, but he believed in a convention that was somewhat similar in structure to the dinner of Star Trek 6—the bringing together of the Federation and the Klingons—and so he envisioned … Read more

Con Competence: Anime Conventions

Anime convention

Writer’s Note: I’m pretty heavily entrenched in “non-biased” territory writing about most Ohio anime conventions. Being an executive-level staffer at Kabochacon has blessed me with the friendship of head staff at many events I’ll be mentioning below. I’ve been going to some of these events literally a decade longer than I ever became a con staffer though, so it’s not like I don’t have plenty experience as an attendee too. A conversation with some people this past weekend at Matsuricon led me to re-remember that Dayton has definitely lucked out in terms of location when it comes to cons. Not … Read more

Con Competence: Gen Con

Gen Con

As of this writing, I leave for Gen Con in 9 8 less than 7 hours (That time flew by. Shit). In that time, I have to pack everything I need for a 5 day trip, finish this article, pick up a replacement state ID, and maybe eat a meal or sleep or something. This year will be my 13th Gen Con. I started in 2004, and I’ve been every year since. You’d think having been going so long, I’d know not to procrastinate like this, but I am not a clever man. So, in an effort to teach others to … Read more

Dayton Makes: Carillon Park Hosting Maker Faire

What is a “maker?” Why the hell do they need a “faire?” Both very good questions. Unlike what Debbie Chachra of The Atlantic supposes in her article “Why I Am Not a Maker,” the term “maker” and the movement behind it are not the Ayn Rand-esque self-fellatio of Silicon Valley coders. This may be why she’s only written one article for The Atlantic. James Fellows wrote “Why the Maker Movement Matters“ for the same site about a year later. James Fellows continues to write a shit ton for The Atlantic. Just sayin.’ At their core, makers are people who use existing technology to … Read more

Gallery: Stebbins CON and Game Night at Proto BuildBar

These images were originally posted as a companion slideshow to our podcast covering Stebbins CON and Game Night at Proto BuildBar. Slideshows suck for viewing images, and if we had put a clickable gallery up as a companion piece, it would have stopped the podcast you were listening to. You can find the podcast here. Enjoy!   Stebbins CON Game Night @ Proto BuildBar

Stebbins CON: Fundraising Gone Geek

Anybody who participates in a school extracurricular, or has a child who does, faces the same obligation: candy bar sales for fundraising. What do we do? We go door-to-door pleading our case for how beneficial it is that we play this sport or that instrument, right? Wrong. In reality, we send the box of candy bars to work with mom and dad, and they guilt their coworkers into paying four times the price of what you could get at the Kwik-E-Mart. James Garrett had a different idea: Stebbins CON. Rather than trying to convince a coworker that they should give the peanut bar … Read more

GeekFest: Photo Gallery

GeekFest: Photo Gallery

If you missed this year’s GeekFest, you missed something pretty special. The venue, Boonshoft Museum of Discovery, was absolutely perfect for the event. For a little history on GeekFest, read Josher’s write up of his conversation with with Jason Heaton, the man responsible for this awesome event, here. For those of you who didn’t make it out, here’s a photo gallery of what you missed.

GeekFest at the Boonshoft: Get Your Geek On.

It’s a good week to be a nerd in Dayton.  This Saturday, as GeekDayton will report later this week, is International Tabletop Day, and there will be gaming events all over the Miami Valley.   Last Saturday was Glorycon at Wright State, and in the coming days, readers of GeekDayton can look forward to our podcast documenting the good time we had there, as well. But this Friday, there is another very special event going down in Dayton’s Geekosphere.  This time it’s GeekFest at Boonshoft Museum of Discovery, a truly epic event that will surely be a blast for the whole … Read more

For the Glory!

Calling all gamers!  This Saturday at Wright State University’s Student Union, the Wright State Adventurer’s Guild will be presenting Glorycon—a day for folks like yourself to gather and participate in the most glorious extracurricular hobby imaginable: gaming! For a mere 10 bucks (8, if you preregistrer), you too can participate in the festivities, which this year will include board games, video games, a Magic the Gathering tournament, RPGs, a Smash Bros tournament, panels, and lots more. “It’s basically a big gaming party,” says Glorycon promoter, Jacquelyn Bayham.   For would-be miniature painters, looking to sharpen their skills, Glorycon will feature a mini-figure painting area. … Read more