Integrity Matters to Us: Theft is Not Cool This Year or Next


Sup nerds: An apology of sorts- Recently we had to remove an article from our site, the Facebook and our Twitter. I won’t go into the details, suffice it to say we had something submitted to us by a guest author that we posted. Recently, we had the actual original creator send us an email calling out the theft. He was real mad. Shit. I’m not justifying the stealing. Here’s the issue: Writing is tough. Writing on a consistent basis is tough. Having people other than me write, write consistently, and write good things that other people want to read… is … Read more

Mom I NEED quarters: An Arcade afterlight

All of my systems in No Man’s Sky are named after every video arcade from my youth. Not ‘hey, I’m going to name this one after a video arcade, and this one after my first pet, and this one after my favorite Taco Bell item from my youth.’ I’m saying every system. Named after every arcade. At least the ones I went to. So flying through my galaxies, you’ll see such systems as Spare Change, Cap’n Bogey’s Golf’n Games, and The Area-51 Machine outside of the Xenia Wal-Mart. As for the planets? Those are all named after video arcade cabinets … Read more

To a younger geek from an older geek: It gets better.

by Jenner Lumpkin I have difficulty trusting those who lament the passing of their twenties. Perhaps they’re simply romanticizing a decade’s worth of flawless skin, hopeful first dates, and unbridled freedom. But I can’t be the only one who spent my twenties suffering steadfast blemishes, curious singledom, and a pestering awareness that the bottle of Two Buck Chuck that I had put on my credit card would eventually end up costing me $152 after years of only managing to make the minimum payments every month. I needed direction. I needed money. I needed a nap. When would this vague but … Read more