Roll Out to D20: A Bar With Characters Tonight!

If you’ve somehow missed all the news about the new board game/craft beer bar opening up in Kettering, I’m impressed. Not the good kind of impressed, though. You should really get out more, this place is awesome. I got a sneak peek a couple weeks back, and I can safely report that Andrew Sparks and Chrissy Cooper, owners of D20 and co-conspirators in the art of “turning (their) hobbies tax-deductible”, definitely know their stuff. I was hopelessly outclassed by Andrew’s knowledge of craft beer, coming from his wealth of experience in both drinking and selling it. With 20 taps serving 18 beers … Read more

Collecting: I might need these pizza boxes later!!

Collecting! Trent Reznor, on the topic of collecting, once said “I pick things up, I am a collector. And things, well things, they tend to accumulate.” Trent Reznor also looks like if Alan Rickman and Dylan McDermott had a child. Ain’t even mad about that. 20 years to grow into a face like that, fine. Most of the internet thinks the song is about depression and dwelling on the past. Not me pal, I think he’s just very adamant about his collection, whatever it might be. A misprint Beanie Baby collection that got out of hand, Jem & Rio Pacheco … Read more

Everyday Carry: Things That Make You Better

Your everyday carry (EDC) is all the things that you will (generally) have on your person if you leave the comfort of your home. Knives, multitools, watches, flashlights, flash drives, pens, and whatever else makes your daily life easier? That’s your EDC. exists to document hundreds of peoples’ EDCs and how to buy the items contained in them. It’s a fantastic way to spend your time drooling over the contents of other people’s pockets. My personal favorite contains not just the standard “phone, wallet, knife, watch”, but also ChapStick, sunglasses, and a pink Dunkin Donuts donut with sprinkles. There are EDCs that … Read more

Spotlight: Blackfall Press’ Cold Steel Wardens: Rogue’s Gallery

Cold Steel Wardens: Rogue's Gallery

Did you know that right here, in the Miami Valley, we have a real, live role-playing game designer? That’s right, kids! His name is Andy Klosky, and he’s the brains behind Blackfall Press. His game, Cold Steel Wardens, is more fun than a turkey baster of grain alcohol! Klosky, who grew up in Western Pennsylvania, has been playing games since he was in the 6th grade. Like many game designers born in the ’80s, he made his first games by tinkering with the cardboard terrain and plastic miniatures from his Heroquest set.  When he grew up, he moved to Ohio … Read more

GD PodShort- Andy’s Vampire: Masquerade Story

GD PODSHORT ROUND 2. Andy of Cold Steel Wardens: Roleplaying in the Iron Age of Comics, sits down with the GeekDayton team to present his awesome RPG, and talk about his currently-in-Kickstarter expansion to Cold Steel Wardens. Kickstarter for Rogues Gallery here! We’re backing it, are you?? Look for the interview to be published soon! In the meantime, below is a snippet from the interview where Andy tells us a story about his foray into Vampire: The Masquerade LARP.

A Parent’s Geek Guide To Nerf

Fuckin' Nerf. For geek parents and kids.

Hello everyone. It is time for another question-and-answer with your favorite Geek Dad. I’m back to help you understand something your kids love, but you just can’t seem to wrap your head around. Hopefully, this will help you connect with your child. This week, we are gonna talk about a kids’ toy that seems to be gaining a lot of popularity these last few years, Nerf. So, what is Nerf? While the term Nerf can refer to a lot of things, this guide is going to be referring to Nerf as in Nerf the company. Nerf is a company (part of … Read more

Books, covers, and you judging them

Don’t judge a book by its cover. What it means: You shouldn’t base an opinion on something just because of how it looks. NO NO NO. I’m not making this a race thing. You get right out. Right now. I’m making this a comics/video games/movie/board games thing. So yeah. You should absolutely judge a book (book meaning video game, board game, movie or comic…book) by it’s cover unless noted, suggested, or influenced to do otherwise. Here’s why. Advertisement of said product is a necessity in this day and age. They (the world) suggests that the average comic book reader spends … Read more

Dayton Makes: Carillon Park Hosting Maker Faire

What is a “maker?” Why the hell do they need a “faire?” Both very good questions. Unlike what Debbie Chachra of The Atlantic supposes in her article “Why I Am Not a Maker,” the term “maker” and the movement behind it are not the Ayn Rand-esque self-fellatio of Silicon Valley coders. This may be why she’s only written one article for The Atlantic. James Fellows wrote “Why the Maker Movement Matters“ for the same site about a year later. James Fellows continues to write a shit ton for The Atlantic. Just sayin.’ At their core, makers are people who use existing technology to … Read more

Thrift Shop: Buy other people’s trash!

Popping tags. It means to switch a more expensive price tag for a cheaper one, traditionally a technique used in retail stores by shoplifters. But at a thrift shop? What’s wrong with you? What exactly was Ben “Macklemore” Haggerty and Michael “Wanz” Wansley doing using this tried and true lifting scam at a thrift store, especially when they immediately admit to having $20 in their pockets? $20 would get you far at one of the Gem City thrift shops. Not the upscale ones, though. Maybe that’s it. Maybe Macklemore was at one of them. Those that border somewhere between trash … Read more

Justify Your Kickstarter: That Naughty Pipe, adult coloring book

That Naughty Pipe, by Rob E Boley and Amy Kollar Anderson

Here at GeekDayton HQ, we have a lot of people get in contact with us who want us to help promote their Kickstarter projects.  We really want to help, but sometimes it can be hard to understand why we should care about these projects.  So we’ve decided to start a new feature for this situation:  Justify Your Kickstarter. In JYK, creators must tell us why they think their project is worth backing.  Will they maintain their grace and poise when faced with such scrutiny?  Or will they crack under the pressure, like your mama’s hard-boiled eggs, their gooey insides leaking … Read more