GD PodShort- Let’s Play: Cold Steel Wardens!

GD Podshort- a PodLong version! We sit down with Andy, the creator of Cold Steel Wardens: Roleplaying In The Iron Age Of Comics. He runs the GeekDayton crew through a custom-made campaign of Cold Steel Wardens. The Cast- Larry: Silence- A dark brooding stealth-based girl Josher: CamShaft- A Cybernetic scientist with a robot arm Doug- Caidera- A South American street-tough turned goodguy! Andy: Andy The GM! A note about the system- The game only uses D10s for rolls. As for the info at the end, this was recorded a while back. Who knew that Cold Steel Wardens: Rogues Gallery would fund their Kickstarter? WE … Read more

GD PodShort- Comic Delays

DC 52 Rebirth

We’re trying something new with the GD Podshort. Recorded a few months ago. Comic delays hurt people on all levels, it’s a serious issue. Let us know what you think about PodShorts! The pants or the audio clips. Follow us on SoundCloud, and wherever you get your podcasts.  

GeekDayton Podcast: Tim Withem, Medieval Interactions Gaming

Tim Withem Medieval Interactions Gaming

  In this episode of the podcast, Josher, along with GeekDayton writers Griffin and Doug, sit down with Tim Withem of Dayton-based game company Medieval Interactions Gaming. They discuss Medieval Interaction’s freshman offering, Mastermind’s Workshop, and the accompanying Kickstarter campaign. Tim talks about game development, the playtesting process, as well as future projects we can expect from MI Gaming. You can learn more about Mastermind’s Workshop and other games by visiting MI Gaming’s Facebook page here. If you like what you see, or if your heart isn’t made of stone and you like to see Dayton local start-ups succeed, back … Read more

GeekDayton Podcast: StebbinsCon 2016 and Board Game Night 05/14 Josher and Larry walk the floor of Stebbins CON in Riverside, OH and speak with a local artist and the folks from World Paranormal Investigations. Afterward, they head over to the first board game night at Proto BuildBar, located on First St. in Dayton, OH. On the way they give their impression of of the con and the unfortunate reputation Dayton has received in the past for poor attenance. We finish off at Proto, where Josher geeks out over the amazing turnout and talks to people about the board gaming community while I make people uncomfortable by taking photos. Big … Read more

GeekDayton Podcast: GeekFest at Boonshoft Museum

WARNING:  Though GeekFest was a family-friendly event, this podcast contains adult language. Special thanks to Randy Buhr for his help with GeekDayton Podcast.  

GeekDayton Podcast: Comics! Dustin Carson, No Gods, and Eric Adams, Lackluster World

In this podcast: Comics! Josher speaks with regional comic book creators, Dustin Carson, creator of ‘No Gods’, and Eric Adams, creator of ‘Lackluster World’.

GeekDayton Podcast: Gem City Rollergirls

Gem City Rollergirls, Roller Derby, Dayton, Ohio, Geek

We talked for a second to Gem City Rollergirls Blitzkreig Becks, Medussa Shananigans, Zero Fox about Roller Derby and what it has in common with the “Geek” community. TRANSCRIPT GeekDayton: What’s your name? Blitzkreig Becks GD: And you?   Medusa Shenanigans Zero Fox GD: Sweet, and why do you think roller derby is important to Dayton? It’s important to Dayton because… you know, like, Dayton’s the type of place that people kind of discredit a lot, and they think that it’s not that cool of a place, but, actually, we have a lot of great things going on here, and our … Read more

GeekDayton Podcast: Michael Watson, Hotshot, on Diversity in Comics

Quick chat

Michael Watson (at Ren McKenzie’s table), of Hotshot and Freestyle Komics, answers obnoxious questions about diversity and race in comics, and hits the nail on the smacker.  Watson also talks about new publisher, Legacy Rising, who will be publishing comics by Watson and McKenzie.

GeekDayton Podcast: Warped Wing brewery artist on Gem City Comic Con’s official beer

A brief Chat with Warped Wing artist Tom Post, on Gamma Bomb IPA, the official beer of Gem City Comic Con.  We also talk about Ermal’s, another of Warped Wing’s fine offerings.