How to Hunt VHS with Ryan Gelatin

In ‘How to Hunt VHS’, special VHS correspondent, Ryan Gelatin, risks life and limb to give us a never before seen look into the life of a VHS hunter. From Luddites to hillbilly racists, no peril is dangerous enough to keep Ryan from getting the story.

How to Organize Your VHS Tapes

By Jenner Lumpkin To own a collection of VHS tapes is to own a direct link to simpler times, without all the labor-intensive frustration of, say, a butter churn or an abacus. The contents are free of pretension and reveal an earnest delight on the part of the viewer. These are movies you watch. Movies you love. These aren’t kept in the grown-up entertainment center display case with the Criterion Collection Seven Samurai. These are worn-out copies of Real Genius with the fucked up length of magnetic tape at the beginning that you have to hand-turn when you don’t catch … Read more

5 Reasons You Don’t Have To Be A Hipster To Dig Vinyl

I began collecting vinyl about five years ago. Early enough that I don’t consider myself a part of the hipster movement, but not long enough that I’ve been holding on to a relic until it’s come back into fashion. (Superhero t-shirts on the other hand…let’s just say I’m happy Marvel Studios has been an enormous success.) I’m no audiophile either, but I know good sound when I hear it. Well, there was a brief Crazy Town phase I went through, but that was a dark time in my life. Back off! Suffice to say I’m confident I can convince you of the virtues of vinyl. Let’s … Read more

Nintendo DS? More like Nintendo D.on’t S.kip

Hello dear readers, how are you? How’s that thing you were worried about? That all work out? Great. So anyway, Gamestop has used Nintendo DS Lite on sale for $19.99. We’re closing in on its 10th anniversary of when it launched at $129.99. You know, $100-off kind of sale (yes, I know that’s not how business works. Thanks, judgey). Is this the new standard for retro gaming? A massive discount on mostly everything, except a handful of games? The systems themselves are dirt cheap, while a handful of games remain even more expensive than the launch prices?Wait….. okay, no… that’s … Read more

Why You Should Buy a Polaroid Camera

This is my first entry in what I plan to be a long line of blog posts relating to Polaroid photography. When was the last time you flipped through photos and reminisced? Not swiping through the countless snapshots on your phone or tablet but actual, physical photographs? I’m willing to bet that many of you never have. Others of you may have done it a decade ago but have been seduced by the convenience of digital media. There has been recent urging from people far more intelligent than me to print your digital photographs. There are a number of pragmatic … Read more