Roll Out to D20: A Bar With Characters Tonight!

If you’ve somehow missed all the news about the new board game/craft beer bar opening up in Kettering, I’m impressed. Not the good kind of impressed, though. You should really get out more, this place is awesome. I got a sneak peek a couple weeks back, and I can safely report that Andrew Sparks and Chrissy Cooper, owners of D20 and co-conspirators in the art of “turning (their) hobbies tax-deductible”, definitely know their stuff. I was hopelessly outclassed by Andrew’s knowledge of craft beer, coming from his wealth of experience in both drinking and selling it. With 20 taps serving 18 beers … Read more

Switch: Ninten-dooooo that to me one more time.

Nintendo Switch No Nintendo, you stay the same, I’ll change. I rag on Nintendo a lot here. It’s not that I hate Nintendo, quite the opposite. See, it’s like this. Anyone have that friend who’s essentially a nice person, but… goddammit, what a mess, yeah? They just have the shittiest luck, the worst ideas, sparks of brilliance that are immediately dashed when they over-do it. You know the type? For me, let’s name him, Calvin. (He probably doesn’t read my stuff anyhow.) I was once a passenger in a car accident with Calvin. True stories. The sun created a glare on … Read more

Whimsi-cool. A more wholesome style of media

I love whimsy. Whimsical stuff. But not like cutesy whimsy. More like fantasy whimsy, but like teen fantasy. No…. not like that though. Think like…. Treasure Planet meets Monster House meets National Treasure meets Haunted Mansion meets Harry Potter meets The Woods. Mash that all together. I love that. That sort of cartoony, kid-esque, fantasy realm? yeah? No?   That. Love that nonsense. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the current comics and video games, what with their action and excitement and the such. But there’s a part of me that just enjoys the simpler stories. Simple in the … Read more


Don’t lie. You knew immediately what I was talking about. And that quote isn’t even accurate. But you still knew. Hulksters, brother, hulksters. Wrestling! Squared circle! Sports entertainment! High-risk, high impact, high flying action! Whether you’ve smelled what The Rock is cooking, or ever found yourself stylin’ and profilin,’  you can at least recognize a handful of wrestling sayings and gimmicks. And you watch, you know you do. Whether you actively seek out wrestling, or it happens to be on while you’re channel-surfing, you know you stop for just a moment longer than other channels. Nothing to be ashamed about, … Read more