Doug’s reading girly comics!!

I’m probably not supposed to have an opinion on girly comics, but let’s go!

Doug reads girl comics

I picked up Hawkeye this past week. No more Cliff, we’re in Kate-town now. Katherine “Kate” Bishop, a relatively new character in the Marvel Universe, she was released in 2005. She takes over the Hawkeye mantel now and again.

One issue down and I’m already hooked.

I went back to my LCS and told them to add Hawkeye to my pull list. “Add that girl Hawkeye book to my list.” I realized something then, I read a fair amount of comics with female leads. I’m progressive!!

Who the hell cares indeed.


Kidding. But there are a number of really solid female led comics out there.

I could seriously go on. There are like 5 current series just based around Spider-Man using female leads.

Point is, I’m going to read comics based on the writing and the art. That’s it. If it was a comic about a ram and a flying thing having a baby (who narrates) and they’re all running away from a tv-headed robot, I’d read it. The fact that two of the main characters are female wouldn’t even come into play.

It’s called Saga and it’s terrific.

On the other side of the skirt

Meanwhile, I’ve stopped reading Spider-Man 2099, Action Comics, and Deadpool, because frankly…. the writing has gotten pretty terrible. I know, hearsay, but for me the parts and bits on the lead don’t matter as much as the words and colors on the page.

For that matter, I loooved DC Comic Bombshells, but stopped reading it when they started to over-sexualize female characters. I still have Gotham City Sirens trades on my pull-list, they’ll just round out the single issue complete run I have (so much for my over-sexualizing comments I suppose.)

I don’t like what they’re doing to the Harley Quinn character. She originally appeared in Batman: The Animated Series, in episode 7 Joker’s Favor. The episode was written by Paul Dini. Who also created the character of Harley Quinn. (Well, co-created with Bruce Timm.) The character of Harley was very specifically used and defined throughout the animated series, and well into the comics.

But at some point she became super-powered in the comics, and…. whatever she’s become in the movies. Last Halloween, how many people did you see dressed like Quinn from Suicide Squad and how many did you see dressed like….

Dangerous powers

Here’s the thing, it’s a dangerous power to be in charge of female comic characters. I’m not even going to tough on DC Superhero Girls. Needless to say, it’s a phenomenon. With a MASSIVE age range too. Kids, young-young kids are getting into it. I’m not saying censor anything, I just hope the comic creators know who sees their characters and how they aspire to look like them. Ya know?

Like I said, last person to have an opinion on this. I just like that comics are becoming more and more welcoming to all sorts. And because of that welcoming nature, we’re getting some really amazing comics out of it. The more people that get into an art form, the more of that art that’ll exist and the longer it’ll exist. That’s how you sustain art. Simple.

This! Like this. Perfect.

But meanwhile, you had to have that shitshow of a prologue to Killing Joke. Why? Why! Batgirl becoming Oracle is fine. IT’S FUCKING FANTASTIC ACTUALLY. Let girls in wheelchairs know that they too can be a superhero.

No cleavage? It’ll never sell.

If you feel like you must oversexualize female comic characters to sell comics, go fuck yourself. Have you even seen the Wonder Woman trailer? Have you watched Agent Carter? Jessica Jones? You don’t need those awful 90’s comic versions of females to sell your books. Go work on your writing, or go write for Grimm Fairy Tales. Kids are paying attention to this shit.

Let me ask you fellas something. Say to yourself, out-loud “I’m going to buy that comic because of Starfire’s big boobies.” Feels dirty, doesn’t it? Yup.

That’s Starfire from DC Superhero Girls. Ya nasty.

The picture above above is from Red Hood, and it wasn’t even that good during New 52. Do better.

Also, come on. In 2014, it was speculated that PornHub made $110 Million Dollars. Just saying, more than enough to keep unnecessary sexualization out of comics.

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