D&D Adventurers League at Epic Loot Springfield

April 9, 2016 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Epic Loot Springfield

Seats may be limited, so please sign up at:

The first hour will be for character creation, so come prepared to play at 11am if you already have a character.

We’ll be running DDAL04-01 Suits of the Mists, for level 1-2 Adventurers League characters. Playtime: 5 hours (adventure includes five, 1 hour adventures). Please note, you can play as many of the mini-adventures as you’d like, but if you plan on playing through all 5, we recommend bringing a level 1 character, as otherwise you may outlevel the level range.

About Larry

Larry comes to us by way of Huber Heights. He is a lifelong geek as is evident by his bio photo. After a horrible accident in the plastics manufacturing industry left him permanently disfigured, he decided to dedicate his life to making the world a better place. The first thing he did was enroll in nursing school. The second thing he did was co-create this totally awesome website with Josher. Although Larry's English writing skills are similar to that of a bonobo chimpanzee, man is he good with his hands. With Josher's help, as well as yours, he's confident that together they can make the most amazing geek website the world (at least Dayton) has ever seen!
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