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FB_IMG_1458321763025[1]Larry comes to us by way of Huber Heights. He is a lifelong geek as is evident by his bio photo. After a horrible accident in the plastics manufacturing industry left him permanently disfigured, he decided to dedicate his life to making the world a better place. The first thing he did was enroll in nursing school. The second thing he did was co-create this totally awesome website with a guy named Josher. Although Larry’s English writing skills are similar to that of a bonobo chimpanzee, man is he good with his hands. With Overlord’s help, as well as yours, he’s confident that together they can make the most amazing geek website the world (at least Dayton) has ever seen!



Once aske970395_10100531664217836_642708539_nd to leave a video game store for having STRONG opinions on the Zelda timeline, Doug still stands by his correct opinions. He refuses to apologize to that misinformed grandma or to pay for her medical expenses. Wrong is wrong.  Born and raised in the finest city of Xenia, he is not a nurse. He does however, have a CIB Virtual Boy on his kitchen table (which you must never touch), an ever-growing collection of video games he proudly calls his “burden for future children”, and a first-name basis with most workers at any Miami Valley Taco Bell. Profusely sweating and swearing as he types every word of every video game commentary or review, he’s glad you’re here.


griffinGriffin’s geek credentials could easily be summed up as such: he’s named after a mecha from the tabletop wargame Battletech. Griffin’s multi-year personal obsessions spread over cartoons, movies, cosplay, and anime, but picking a favorite would be immoral so he’ll refrain. Some would argue, himself included, that he goes to far too many conventions, the culmination of all those equally as obsessed as he. Over the last decade, he estimates that he’s been to over 50 cons, including comic cons, tabletop gaming cons, anime cons, and some that are indescribable, but still quite enjoyable. This is his first actual writing “job,” if it could be described that way, but he has written a few dumb scripts for things too obscure to ever be performed.


geekdayton picBorn of the dust of a decaying star (hi mom), Luminous traveled many journeys, some fraught with self-inflicted perils, to grow and die each morning and night respectively. Only through the illumination of ultimate self-realization did he realize nothing truly mattered. From thence on he was able to silence the noise in his head with science fiction and D&D. He also enjoys the Paranormal.






billyWilliam is a skinny, little, smelly troll from the medieval city of Waukesha, Wisconsin. His geekdom knows no boundaries: He is sexually attracted to Star Trek starships, has seen every episode of Jem and the Holograms twice, knows what a smurf tastes like, has far too many comic books to be considered human, and currently identifies his religion as Dalek. William has a wife whom he constantly mystifies with his pathetic, encyclopedic musings of all things Star Trek, Star Wars, or Doctor Who, and a son who is already better at most things than he.




Peter Bell, Book and Comic, Dayton, Ohio comics shopEver since he was a kid, Peter Bell’s family encouraged him to read. When the first episodes of The Incredible Hulk aired on TV in the ’70s, and Peter saw that there were comic books of The Hulk on the magazine rack, his parents would buy them for him because he would read them immediately. Godzilla, Spider-Man, and other media crossovers helped out along the way, too. Peter has kept up a file for regular comics since he was 14, from location to location, until he ended up at The Dragon’s Lair in the early ’90s. He started working there, and eventually earned himself a manager position a couple years later, staying there through his college graduation, and decided to take up his own store in 2003. Now, thirteen years later,  his store, Bell, Book and Comic, has the second-highest volume of orders of any comic book store within a 50-mile radius from its location.


11146258_864973573575937_8861330293138426895_nRandy Buhr has been playing drums since he was 11, and has been recording bands all of his adult life (and then some).  He had performed as a member of Dayton punk bands The Adversaries, Sok!, Rad Company, Cold Sore, Shut Up, and many others.  In addition to his work in the music scene, Randy also records GeekDayton podcast in his home studio.  Randy also loves to spend time with his son, Harlan.






keithKeith is your average 30-something who was raised on Saturday Morning Cartoons. While not known for any writing, he is known for being the wild card among his friends when it comes to trivia nights, and knowing a little bit about a lot of things. Now, having had his first child, he is determined to raise her around Nerf Guns, comic books, classic cartoons, and Shakespeare (the classics). His hope is that through his writing he can help the parents of young geeks accept and encourage their kids’ fandoms and obsessions.




Chris AdkinsChris has been a geek since before it was cool. He lives in Miamisburg with an assortment of friends/landlords, one of whom is a baby he gets to play with but never has to clean up after. So that’s pretty neat. When not writing or sinking many of the precious, finite hours of his life into the nearest 3DS, Chris makes his living as an entrepreneur and part-time janitor. His interests include sci-fi novels, anime, history, off-the-grid living, philosophy, Jagermeister blackouts, tabletop rpgs, acting, quantum physics, feigning humility, and your mother. He has never successfully thrown a football.


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