Flicks Worth Clicks?: Matrix Reboot, Venom, and DC Switch-Up

Matrix, Venom, DC

I’m getting an emo vibe today, can’t imagine why…

Man, there’s a lot of movie news flying at our faces every day now that there’s like 80 different cinematic universes to deal with. Here’s my attempt to pare down some of that into nuggets of fun (most of the nuggets are not fun).


The Hollywood Reporter reported an exclusive story that Warner Bros. is in very early stages of developing a reboot of the Keanu Reeves classic. This is a very bad idea.

Joel Silver, producer of the original trilogy, is reportedly spearheading the project and pushing it to exist despite the cries of thousands of dweebs who don’t want to have to get mad about this in a few years. Keanu has gone on record saying he’d be down to do another installment if the Wachowskis write and direct, but there is no word on them being attached to these plans. Apparently, Zak Penn (The Avengers, X-Men 2 and 3, Last Action Hero) is in talks to write a treatment.

Unfortunately, it seems no one told poor Zak:

So, let’s hope that their apparent dream writer’s clear disinterest in a reboot will convince them to do, y’know, anything else. And let’s be real, nothing they can do now could damage the original film more than its two sequels. I’m sure they could write up a solid Morpheus origins story, is Donald Glover doing anything?


Remember when there were like 4 planned spin-offs from the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man universe? Including a Sinister Six movie that probably would have been similarly awful to Suicide Squad? Yeah, the second Marvel decided to let Sony play in their sandbox, those plans went out a window. Probably for the best.

Apparently, whoever was hurting for a Spidey villain film at Sony still has some clout, because it was announced that Venom is getting his own solo film swinging into theaters on October 5th, 2018. Scott Rosenburg (Con Air, Gone in Sixty Seconds (is Nic Cage playing Venom?), Kangaroo Jack) and Jeff Pinkner (The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Fringe) will be writing the script, with no director attached just yet. That’s a whole lot of non-news for a movie supposedly going into production very soon. Speaking of which…


As if that wasn’t obvious already, DC is continuing their reign of confusion by… Well, I’ll let the man himself explain.

While I appreciate this Variety reporter’s hopes that Warner Bros. is content only shooting Aquaman this year, somehow I doubt that scripts not being “ready to go” has really ever stopped them in the past. Those 5 films he’s referring to are:

  • Gotham Sirens, the surprisingly-not-terrible sounding Harley Quinn-centric film that already has a director in previously-disappointing David Ayer.
  • The Flashwhich can’t compare to the CW show so why even bother trying?
  • Green Lantern Corps, which will be pointless since they can’t bring Michael Clarke Duncan back from the dead to voice Kilowog again.
  • Suicide Squad 2, which will equate the ticket buying experience with the same feeling I get putting my third Hot Pocket of the day into the microwave.
  • Dark Universe, which is a Justice League Dark-style super-edgy DC film. Because we needed an exceptionally dark DC film, as opposed to the bright, fun ones we’ve already seen. God, if del Toro wasn’t attached to this, it’d have less going for it than Suicide Squad 2.

Alright, that’s probably everything. Until next week (or whenever the next pile of film news bombshells fall onto my metaphorical lap), go watch something good. Have you seen The Losers yet? You really should, it’s based on a Vertigo comic series and it’s just delightful.

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