Roll Out to D20: A Bar With Characters Tonight!

If you’ve somehow missed all the news about the new board game/craft beer bar opening up in Kettering, I’m impressed. Not the good kind of impressed, though. You should really get out more, this place is awesome. I got a sneak peek a couple weeks back, and I can safely report that Andrew Sparks and Chrissy Cooper, owners of D20 and co-conspirators in the art of “turning (their) hobbies tax-deductible”, definitely know their stuff. I was hopelessly outclassed by Andrew’s knowledge of craft beer, coming from his wealth of experience in both drinking and selling it. With 20 taps serving 18 beers … Read more

GeekDayton Podcast: Warped Wing brewery artist on Gem City Comic Con’s official beer

A brief Chat with Warped Wing artist Tom Post, on Gamma Bomb IPA, the official beer of Gem City Comic Con.  We also talk about Ermal’s, another of Warped Wing’s fine offerings.