Cursed Uno: An Essay on Heartbreak

Every regular gaming group probably has a game like this. This isn’t the game you pull out for new players, established players’ visiting significant others, or children. This is the nitty-gritty, friendship-demolishing, table-flipping, night-ending monstrosity. Here’s ours. To preface, my game night group is already a mess. It’s a ragtag group of broke late-teens/early-20s barely-cognizant piles of stress and medical issues. For some reason, we all get together about once a week to play a couple terrible, awful games. Betrayal at House on the Hill, The Resistance, Jenga, Coup, just all the most soul-numbing possible games for people who already suffer … Read more

How to break collecting habits!

Well I have no idea if I’m the best choice to write this one, about habits, but here we go- How to reduce or end your collecting habit. There are a number of reasons you might need to cut back or completely stop a collecting habit- -Spending too much money -Spending too much time -Getting out of hand -Running out of space -Lost desire in the habit -Lack of focus on important things There are probably others, I’m just naming the things people have told me that I do. Breaking the collecting habit can be tough for many of us. … Read more

Justify Your Kickstarter: AEGIS: Combining Robots

Edit: This article is in reference to their first, unfortunately not-funded AEGIS Kickstarter. If you’d like to back AEGIS at this point in time, here’s the link to their updated, very likely to be funded one. You have until June 9th! Please note that any exact numbers/details in this article may not reflect the updated project,  but it should be pretty close. AEGIS: Combining Robot Strategy Game by Zephyr Workshop is seeking funding on Kickstarter to the tune of $40,000. It’s based around a Voltron-esque team building premise where the ultimate goal is to put all 5 pieces of your robot together … Read more

Con Competence: Gen Con

Gen Con

As of this writing, I leave for Gen Con in 9 8 less than 7 hours (That time flew by. Shit). In that time, I have to pack everything I need for a 5 day trip, finish this article, pick up a replacement state ID, and maybe eat a meal or sleep or something. This year will be my 13th Gen Con. I started in 2004, and I’ve been every year since. You’d think having been going so long, I’d know not to procrastinate like this, but I am not a clever man. So, in an effort to teach others to … Read more

Tiny Epic Interview: Michael Coe, founder of Gamelyn Games

Michael Coe, founder of Gamelyn Games

Hardcore gamers might be surprised to find that CEO Michael Coe, founder of Gamelyn Games, is not one of their ilk. “I don’t come from a hobbyist background, really,” he says from his home in Gilbert, Arizona, where he spoke with us by phone. “I did play board games when I was a kid, but it was very standard stuff like Monopoly and Sorry!” Coe eventually did graduate from those standards to something more exciting. “When I was in fourth grade my dad got a copy of Heroquest, and that resonated with me quite a bit when I was a kid.” But … Read more

GeekDayton Podcast: Tim Withem, Medieval Interactions Gaming

Tim Withem Medieval Interactions Gaming

  In this episode of the podcast, Josher, along with GeekDayton writers Griffin and Doug, sit down with Tim Withem of Dayton-based game company Medieval Interactions Gaming. They discuss Medieval Interaction’s freshman offering, Mastermind’s Workshop, and the accompanying Kickstarter campaign. Tim talks about game development, the playtesting process, as well as future projects we can expect from MI Gaming. You can learn more about Mastermind’s Workshop and other games by visiting MI Gaming’s Facebook page here. If you like what you see, or if your heart isn’t made of stone and you like to see Dayton local start-ups succeed, back … Read more

Spotlight: Capstone Games’ Arkwright

Capstone Games' Arkwright

In Capstone Games’ Arkwright, players take control of factories in 18th century England, during that country’s industrial revolution.  The game revolves around operating factories, hiring/firing workers, and upgrading the quality of your products, all while attempting to turn a profit.  The idea is to get your stuff in the hands of the Victorian English, who may or may not even want your products, depending on how crappy/sweet they are. “Depending on the game model,” says Clay Ross, owner of Capstone Games, the Union, Ohio startup that will be releasing the 2nd edition of Arkwright, “you play through a few decades, and … Read more