Doug’s reading girly comics!!

I’m probably not supposed to have an opinion on girly comics, but let’s go! Doug reads girl comics I picked up Hawkeye this past week. No more Cliff, we’re in Kate-town now. Katherine “Kate” Bishop, a relatively new character in the Marvel Universe, she was released in 2005. She takes over the Hawkeye mantel now and again. One issue down and I’m already hooked. I went back to my LCS and told them to add Hawkeye to my pull list. “Add that girl Hawkeye book to my list.” I realized something then, I read a fair amount of comics with female … Read more

GeekDayton Podcast: Warped Wing brewery artist on Gem City Comic Con’s official beer

A brief Chat with Warped Wing artist Tom Post, on Gamma Bomb IPA, the official beer of Gem City Comic Con.  We also talk about Ermal’s, another of Warped Wing’s fine offerings.