This Saturday in Dayton: Two Events, Twice the Fun!

This Saturday, Dayton has not one, but two excellent events to check out! DayCon Game Day Running from 9AM to 10PM, come check out a day filled with tabletop gaming of all sorts! Board games, roleplaying games, and more are all here to be played. The show is held in the Rona Banquet Hall, located at 1043 Rona Parkway, Fairborn, Ohio 45324. For a full schedule of games, click here. Studio Akumakaze’s Independent Creators Expo and Film Festival I.C.E. is both a showcase of local creators and a film festival showing local films! With events running all day long, there’s no … Read more

How to break collecting habits!

Well I have no idea if I’m the best choice to write this one, about habits, but here we go- How to reduce or end your collecting habit. There are a number of reasons you might need to cut back or completely stop a collecting habit- -Spending too much money -Spending too much time -Getting out of hand -Running out of space -Lost desire in the habit -Lack of focus on important things There are probably others, I’m just naming the things people have told me that I do. Breaking the collecting habit can be tough for many of us. … Read more

Switch: Ninten-dooooo that to me one more time.

Nintendo Switch No Nintendo, you stay the same, I’ll change. I rag on Nintendo a lot here. It’s not that I hate Nintendo, quite the opposite. See, it’s like this. Anyone have that friend who’s essentially a nice person, but… goddammit, what a mess, yeah? They just have the shittiest luck, the worst ideas, sparks of brilliance that are immediately dashed when they over-do it. You know the type? For me, let’s name him, Calvin. (He probably doesn’t read my stuff anyhow.) I was once a passenger in a car accident with Calvin. True stories. The sun created a glare on … Read more

Mom I NEED quarters: An Arcade afterlight

All of my systems in No Man’s Sky are named after every video arcade from my youth. Not ‘hey, I’m going to name this one after a video arcade, and this one after my first pet, and this one after my favorite Taco Bell item from my youth.’ I’m saying every system. Named after every arcade. At least the ones I went to. So flying through my galaxies, you’ll see such systems as Spare Change, Cap’n Bogey’s Golf’n Games, and The Area-51 Machine outside of the Xenia Wal-Mart. As for the planets? Those are all named after video arcade cabinets … Read more

Con Competence: Gen Con

Gen Con

As of this writing, I leave for Gen Con in 9 8 less than 7 hours (That time flew by. Shit). In that time, I have to pack everything I need for a 5 day trip, finish this article, pick up a replacement state ID, and maybe eat a meal or sleep or something. This year will be my 13th Gen Con. I started in 2004, and I’ve been every year since. You’d think having been going so long, I’d know not to procrastinate like this, but I am not a clever man. So, in an effort to teach others to … Read more

Tiny Epic Interview: Michael Coe, founder of Gamelyn Games

Michael Coe, founder of Gamelyn Games

Hardcore gamers might be surprised to find that CEO Michael Coe, founder of Gamelyn Games, is not one of their ilk. “I don’t come from a hobbyist background, really,” he says from his home in Gilbert, Arizona, where he spoke with us by phone. “I did play board games when I was a kid, but it was very standard stuff like Monopoly and Sorry!” Coe eventually did graduate from those standards to something more exciting. “When I was in fourth grade my dad got a copy of Heroquest, and that resonated with me quite a bit when I was a kid.” But … Read more

GeekDayton Podcast: GeekFest at Boonshoft Museum

WARNING:  Though GeekFest was a family-friendly event, this podcast contains adult language. Special thanks to Randy Buhr for his help with GeekDayton Podcast.  

For the Glory!

Calling all gamers!  This Saturday at Wright State University’s Student Union, the Wright State Adventurer’s Guild will be presenting Glorycon—a day for folks like yourself to gather and participate in the most glorious extracurricular hobby imaginable: gaming! For a mere 10 bucks (8, if you preregistrer), you too can participate in the festivities, which this year will include board games, video games, a Magic the Gathering tournament, RPGs, a Smash Bros tournament, panels, and lots more. “It’s basically a big gaming party,” says Glorycon promoter, Jacquelyn Bayham.   For would-be miniature painters, looking to sharpen their skills, Glorycon will feature a mini-figure painting area. … Read more

Why you should….n’t care about virtual reality

Ok look, VR. Flashes and pans. I can’t stress this enough, people. Here’s why you shouldn’t worry your pretty little faces about VR, or even try to find out more about it. I’m here for you. Virtual reality is nothing new to gaming. Ever since people have had cameras there have been two things, errrmmm…. one that we’re willing to discuss, and one that… look, don’t be gross. But more specifically, people have been interested in what virtual reality can do for entertainment. Not THAT entertainment. Well, yes that entertainment, but come on. *winks* Look up Sega VR. READ IT, NERDS. … Read more