Flicks Worth Clicks?: Matrix Reboot, Venom, and DC Switch-Up

Man, there’s a lot of movie news flying at our faces every day now that there’s like 80 different cinematic universes to deal with. Here’s my attempt to pare down some of that into nuggets of fun (most of the nuggets are not fun). THERE MIGHT BE A MATRIX REBOOT The Hollywood Reporter reported an exclusive story that Warner Bros. is in very early stages of developing a reboot of the Keanu Reeves classic. This is a very bad idea. Joel Silver, producer of the original trilogy, is reportedly spearheading the project and pushing it to exist despite the cries … Read more

Indie titles: Give a hoot, read a comic!

Greetings friends! Did you know GeekDayton has an Instagram page? We do! It’s chock full of pictures and…. pictures. Click the follow button and come with us into a world of photography we force-feed into your smart devices! But we’d been asked recently “Hello GeekDayton, who is buying all of those comics you post on your IG and what’s wrong with that person?” (I had to omit most of the swearing.) Why it’s none other than me! I’m very sorry. But now for those few who have noticed I have a tendency to pick up first issues of a lot of … Read more

Your Favorite Comic Characters are Going to Change, but That’s Okay.

comic books

The only thing that stays constant in comics is that Aquaman will eat fish at a restaurant and some asshole will ask him if it’s okay if he does that. Aside from that, your favorite character may become a woman or become a Muslim or maybe even a Hispanic boy, but it’s okay because in the end it’s just comics and I’m sure in another few months it’ll all go back to the way it was. You shouldn’t care about what sex or race your favorite character is as long as they’re being written well. Jason Aaron turned Jane Foster … Read more

Will The Sexiest Spider-Man Please Stand Up

I love Spider-Man. Some would say too much. Spidey holds a very dear place in my heart as Spider-Man comics (as well as feminine hygiene products) were how I learned to read. In the vast domain known as comic books, I don’t think there has been a hero or villain with more costume changes than ol’ Spidey himself. I’m not trying to choose a favorite here, but I had this conversation within myself recently and we all just started arguing: Me: Oh, the classic red and blue is so fetching. I have no idea why they ever changed it in … Read more

Marvelous Times

Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 by Marvel written by Nick Spencer penciled by Jesus Saiz

Peter Bell of Bell, Book and Comic talks Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, X-Men: Apocalypse  and the Marvel Universe. Who would have thought seven days ago that the two words that would cause the most conflict and conversation in the comic shop would be “HAIL HYDRA!” Talk has been all about Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, which was released last week. The buzz hitting the interwebs has been appallingly negative toward the storyline unfolding, with Cap apparently turning to the “Dark Side.” The instant negativity is despite the fact that we haven’t seen more than one issue, and do not know the … Read more

Batman vs. Superman vs. D.C. vs. Marvel vs. Captain America vs. Iron Man, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Movies

So, I’m thinking about changing my name to Sam Malone here at the shop. I feel like the Cheers character lately, standing at my counter while my movie-watching customer base tells me all about their likes, dislikes, loves, hates, thrills, and disappointments on the latest DC and MARVEL blockbusters. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about this! Just feel the need to throw my own two cents in the ring and tell what I think. First off, Batman Vs. Superman was NOT that bad! Personally, I did not care for Lex and his Joker/Riddlerness, but that’s just me. … Read more

Moon Knight: More Than Just “Marvel’s Batman”

Marvel's 2016 Moon Knight series

Having put up with all the incessant cries from customers over the years, poking fun at not only my favorite Marvel character, but my favorite comic book character overall, I feel that now the tide is starting to turn. The first issue of the new Moon Knight series came out this week, written by famed Jeff Lemire, and penciled by Greg Smallwood. Customers came in today and were excited about picking it up, believing reviewers who say that it is actually worth reading. Of course it is! Marvel’s Moon Knight has risen from the depths usually inhabited by second-rate heroes, and … Read more

Gem City Comic Con: Photo Gallery

This gallery contains 44 photos.

To say the cosplay at Gem City Comic Con was impressive would be an understatement. My only regret is that there was no way to see them all!