How to break collecting habits!

Well I have no idea if I’m the best choice to write this one, about habits, but here we go- How to reduce or end your collecting habit. There are a number of reasons you might need to cut back or completely stop a collecting habit- -Spending too much money -Spending too much time -Getting out of hand -Running out of space -Lost desire in the habit -Lack of focus on important things There are probably others, I’m just naming the things people have told me that I do. Breaking the collecting habit can be tough for many of us. … Read more

Collecting: I might need these pizza boxes later!!

Collecting! Trent Reznor, on the topic of collecting, once said “I pick things up, I am a collector. And things, well things, they tend to accumulate.” Trent Reznor also looks like if Alan Rickman and Dylan McDermott had a child. Ain’t even mad about that. 20 years to grow into a face like that, fine. Most of the internet thinks the song is about depression and dwelling on the past. Not me pal, I think he’s just very adamant about his collection, whatever it might be. A misprint Beanie Baby collection that got out of hand, Jem & Rio Pacheco … Read more

Fighting Game Tournament this Weekend in Cincinnati

There are certainly much worse ways to spend a weekend than making new friends for a few days of competition in an arcade setting. A 3-day contest of fighting game prowess is sure to test the hand-eye coordination of even the most worthy and formidable gamer. This weekend, Robin Palm plans to give you just that. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, where he organized the Civil War fighting game tournament series, Robin has taken his event and moved it Westward. Taking place at Arcade Legacy in the Cincinnati Mall, Civil War: Manifest Destiny will be a fight to the finish. “The … Read more

A Parent’s Guide to What My Kids Love: Pokémon

Attention Parents! With the recent release of Pokémon Go, I’m sure a lot of you are asking yourself a lot of questions. You are in luck, because I just so happen to be a parent, lover of nerdy culture, and a Pokémon player! I am here to introduce you into the world of Pokémon, and hopefully answer a lot of the questions that you have. Now before we begin, I know what a lot of you younger parents are thinking. Yes, this is the same Pokémon that you remember as a child. Both the game and the cartoon are still … Read more

The Nintendo Horror Story: Dun Goofed

and it was at that moment, the players realized….. that Nintendo….. WASN’T EVEN MAKING THE GAME! AAAAAAHHHH!!! Nintendo. Come on. You had it all going for you!! Amazing mobile game (ssssshhhh, no one knew it wasn’t yours) A super mysterious and unknown future system! No stupid tiny system. Oysters, more specifically the world became your bivalve mollusc. Months later. What like… two? Months? Ya Blew it. Now you have: Barely a mention of having any involvement in Pokemon Go. So, on the PG wiki, Nintendo is listed a number of times. But it basically says the concept of the game was … Read more

Mr. Sandbox… give me a game.

Who was your favorite member of The Chordettes? For me it’s a toss-up between Janet Ertel and Jinny Lockard. But I think Jinny takes the cake. This has nothing to do with video games. However. They had a song (originally written by Pat Ballard), called Mr. Sandman. It was also played in a open-world/sandbox game called Fallout 3. WHAT?     This is also Mr. Sandman. Man, fuck that “Dreamland Express” move in the SNES Punch-Out. Same approach in every game though, wait out the jabs, hook once, counter his next move, then do it all again. Meanwhile, Punch-Out’s main character … Read more

Hatsune Miku: My Favorite Pop Star Doesn’t Exist

Hatsune Miku is a Japanese cultural phenomenon that’s spreading to the U.S. and beyond. She’s sold out huge arenas internationally, was featured on a remix by Pharrell Williams, and has topped the Japanese pop charts. Her upcoming tour features 10 cities in North America, she’s appeared in commercials for Toyota and Dominos, and in 2010, a Japanese space exploratory vessel bore three aluminum plates featuring her visage. It’s estimated by the Nomura Research Institute that all Miku-branded goods have sold, in total, over $1.5 billion dollars. Hell, she even performed for Letterman. She also doesn’t exist. Let me start over. Hatsune Miku … Read more

Why you should….n’t care about virtual reality

Ok look, VR. Flashes and pans. I can’t stress this enough, people. Here’s why you shouldn’t worry your pretty little faces about VR, or even try to find out more about it. I’m here for you. Virtual reality is nothing new to gaming. Ever since people have had cameras there have been two things, errrmmm…. one that we’re willing to discuss, and one that… look, don’t be gross. But more specifically, people have been interested in what virtual reality can do for entertainment. Not THAT entertainment. Well, yes that entertainment, but come on. *winks* Look up Sega VR. READ IT, NERDS. … Read more

Nintendo DS? More like Nintendo D.on’t S.kip

Hello dear readers, how are you? How’s that thing you were worried about? That all work out? Great. So anyway, Gamestop has used Nintendo DS Lite on sale for $19.99. We’re closing in on its 10th anniversary of when it launched at $129.99. You know, $100-off kind of sale (yes, I know that’s not how business works. Thanks, judgey). Is this the new standard for retro gaming? A massive discount on mostly everything, except a handful of games? The systems themselves are dirt cheap, while a handful of games remain even more expensive than the launch prices?Wait….. okay, no… that’s … Read more