Celebrate Galatune This Saturday at D20!

Galatune Release Party @ D20

I’m not biased in the slightest, but it seems like the best character in the game (who I might have Kickstarted) is missing from this picture…

The day has finally come: Galatune has arrived in Dayton! This has been a long awaited moment for many fans, local and otherwise. So why not celebrate at our favorite board gaming bar with free cake and pizza this Saturday?

The itinerary for the evening is as such:
6pm: Party starts! Free pizza available, open gaming begins, and the Galatune store opens for the very first time! Did you back at a level that gets you a copy and some swag? Pick it up early!
7pm: Big group photo which Adam will probably frame in his apartment like a sentimental nerd! Good for him!
7:15pm: Emotional Toast & Galatune Cake Cutting (which better be with a sword, so help me)

D20: A Bar With Characters is located at 2144 East Whipp Rd, Kettering, Ohio 45440. See the above timetable for an idea of what’s happening when, and if you have further questions, see the Facebook event page here. Please party in my honor as I have a prior commitment. Play as Akimi or Proto, remember to keep an eye on your opponents’ elements, and have fun!

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