This Saturday in Dayton: Two Events, Twice the Fun!

This Saturday, Dayton has not one, but two excellent events to check out!

DayCon Gaming in Dayton on February 18th, 2017DayCon Game Day

Running from 9AM to 10PM, come check out a day filled with tabletop gaming of all sorts! Board games, roleplaying games, and more are all here to be played. The show is held in the Rona Banquet Hall, located at 1043 Rona Parkway, Fairborn, Ohio 45324. For a full schedule of games, click here.

Independent Creators Expo and Film Festival in Dayton on February 18th, 2017Studio Akumakaze’s Independent Creators Expo and Film Festival

I.C.E. is both a showcase of local creators and a film festival showing local films! With events running all day long, there’s no shortage of things to do and see. The event is located in the Holiday Inn Express & Suites, at 7701 Washington Village Dr., Dayton, OH 45459. For a list of local creators (including comic artists, crafters, musicians, and more!), check out their website here. For a full schedule of films, click here.

Both of these events look to be excellent shows, we can’t wait!

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