NES Classic- A Classic case of reseller scamming

Remember that time I wasted a good chunk of a Friday? You see, I spent that time driving around to various stores. Why? Oh, well… First-

Dear NES Classic “collectors”
who bought out the stores en masse. Fuck You.

Sorry. Not collectors. Shitbag resellers who should die in some sort of terrible way I have nothing to do with. You know who you all are.

NES Classic Edition. Fuck we supposed to call the old one now?

For those who don’t know, Friday was the release of the NES Classic. A small gimmicky console that has 30 original NES games on it. It released and became virtually unattainable due to low stock in a matter of hours. For those of us considering getting one, but also have a job because we are a productive member of society and NOT a filth-riddled monster of the night, we were unable to purchase one, thanks to those delightful garbage people known as “resellers”. Filth.

Resellers are the scum between my toes

It’s been documented previously, but resellers and those collectors who demand to keep items mint, buy up multiples of video game items to resell at a higher cost, and anything that disrupts basic video game market, are terrible people. I get it, it’s to make extra money. We’re all impressed that you have a CIB NES Classic edition. And we’re all impressed at your marketing prowess. You profited off of a demand. We’re all impressed.

Wait, no. Not all. No one actually, that girl you’ve had a crush on since Jr High? Yeah, she is not impressed. You’re just making it harder for parents and actual Nintendo fans. BUT MOSTLY PARENTS.

I don’t have kids, but I worked for many years in the video game retail industry, so I know the pain and frustration parents go through when buying games. Being “sold out” isn’t exactly an option around the holidays. A child can’t comprehend “oh they’re sold out of the system you want because a sewer monster bought them all when the store opened and is reselling them at twice the price from his den in the Dune Sea”. Nope. That kid just freaks out on the parent. I don’t get it either kid.

I collect games, I rarely sell games; BUT. I donate games. Renewable foresting basically.

Dayton Children’s Wish List and their Amazon Wish List.

Man, not a lot of video games on that list. WONDER WHY.

Resellers out there are buying the NES Classic for $60.

And as of Saturday morning, they’re going on eBay for $200 to $1000. One Thousand Dollars. One. Thousand.

Now, I know the difference between a listed price and a sold price. And the sold prices are averaging $300. Check Dayton’s CraigsList. They’re asking $200 knowing they’ll get $150. But they’re so in-demand right now! So hot!

No. No it’s not. It’s called short-supplying. An old trick to create hype. BUT. It’s Nintendo, and Nintendo is good at one thing- Overdoing a popular thing. So just wait a few weeks and NES Classic will be flooding the market again. Happened with the Wii Fit. Happens with Amiibos (not rare anymore.) Happens with systems and games constantly. That thing that was hard to find, it’s everywhere now. Usually takes around a month to get restocked. Go find a Tickle-Me-Elmo or a Beanie Baby. People wilding out in the streets over them way back. But not anymore!

The holiday season is descending upon us. I’m working on a “How to Holidays” buyers guide for nerdery. However, in the meantime, understand that video games especially are prone to price hikes when you aren’t paying attention. And price hikes upon initial release of something hot. But these aren’t rare, or limited, or uncommon, just slow to release. Nintendo can, has, and will continue to make more.

Black Friday (the only thing worse than resellers) video game deals in stores are usually matched by Amazon, if not always. You or a loved one want the NES Classic? Just wait. It’ll be back.  Don’t go spending astronomical prices on it. Hell, yesterday afternoon Amazon had two rounds of restocking at $60.

You aren’t buying a sealed Earthbound, or a CIB Steel Battalion, you don’t need to fall victim to the resellers shit-hawk tactics of ripping people off for not understanding supply and demand.


Ok, make your own emulator then.
Go to this site.   Then go here to print a sweet custom case and get a Raspberry Pi setup! Sweet!

Even tinier still!


Yep. Around $80 to $100. But it’ll also have-

  • Expandable memory
  • Unlimited game library (you pick the games you want)
  • Customizability (make it look however you want)
  • A strong feeling of accomplishment when you complete it
  • “Oh this? Oh, just something I WHIPPED UP ON MY OWN”

Want a gift for a kid or kid-at-heart? Make one with them. That’s how you win a Christmas!

Way cooler and easier than driving around looking for an already outdated piece of crap.
Or overpaying a shitlord reseller!

Here’s the site that’s from. Way cooler than a tiny NES with limited games and a 3 foot cord.

If you’re a Nintendo fanboy, you’ve already made up your mind. Just don’t get mad when they release another one with all sports games, or all platformers. Then you got rows of NES Classics sitting around. Weirdo.

Be a nerd, be a fan, but don’t be a sucker.

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Once asked to leave a video game store for having STRONG opinions on the Zelda timeline, Doug still stands by his correct opinions. He refuses to apologize to that misinformed grandma or to pay for her medical expenses. Wrong is wrong. Born and raised in the finest city of Xenia, he managed to escape the deathclaws of the gaming retail industry mostly intact. He is not a nurse. He does however, have a CIB Virtual Boy on his kitchen table (which you must never touch), an ever-growing collection of video games he proudly calls his “burden for future children”, and a first-name basis with most workers at any Miami Valley Taco Bell. Profusely sweating and swearing as he types every word of every video game commentary or review, he’s glad you’re here.
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